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Say What You Mean

November 20, 2019 Don McGarvey, Senior Partner, McLennan Ross LLP (Edmonton) and Joel Franz, Associate, McLennan Ross LLP

An Alberta court case serves as a reminder that parties to commercial insurance contracts need to spell out their assumptions and expectations using plain and ordinary terms

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When no love is lost

November 15, 2019 Jason Contant, Online Editor

Emerging tech companies are entering a new world of vicarious liability that may not be covered under traditional E&O policies

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Standing out in the crowd

November 5, 2019 Adam Malik, Managing Editor

Yes, you offer your clients the best rates in addition to speedy, personalized service. But so does everyone else. Here’s one way to stand out from the crowd….

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Amazon aspirations

November 4, 2019 Adam Malik, Managing Editor

Be like Amazon, experts tell the P&C industry. But is it realistic for brokers and insurers to mimic the retailing giant’s online sales model?

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Heat Map

November 3, 2019 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Reinsurers bore a large portion of the Fort McMurray wildfire losses. Now, they want better data on Canada’s high-risk areas

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Mind the Gap

November 2, 2019 Jason Contant, Online Editor

The gap between those who are insured against catastrophes and those who aren’t is still noticeably wide, particularly as storms are supposed to get worse. Monica Ningen, president and CEO of Swiss Re Canada and English Caribbean, describes  what can be done.

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OSFI’s ticking time bomb

November 1, 2019 David Gambrill, Editor in Chief

Canada’s solvency regulator and the property and casualty insurance industry are working to defuse a potentially explosive situation – one that could
see global reinsurance capital fleeing from Canada. What will be the outcome of this ticking regulatory time bomb?

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Pitch to Win

October 5, 2019 Adam Malik, Managing Editor

In the competitive world of insurance sales, you only have one chance to hit a home run. How do  you knock your business pitch out of the park?

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Re-capturing your client’s attention

October 4, 2019 Jeff Buckstein, Freelance Writer

With premiums rising and coverage shrinking, clients have wandering eyes. How do you keep your clients loyal to you when they are exploring other options?

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True Independence

October 3, 2019 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

If your brokerage generates good cash flow and has a good book of business, there’s a chance that an insurer or private equity firm will want to buy you. If they do, is your brokerage no longer independent?

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Expanding Choice

October 2, 2019 Jason Contant, Online Editor

It’s a ‘Kodak moment’ for Canadian brokers seeking to expand consumer choice in a tightening market, says Nigel Roberts, head of distribution at AEGIS London. Here’s how to brighten the picture

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Between a rock & a hard market

October 1, 2019 David Gambrill, Editor-in-Chief

We asked hundreds of brokers this year about their attitudes, business strategies, and best practices. Their valuable insights show how brokers can succeed during this challenging turn in the market cycle