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Pollution Protection

November 3, 2018 Brooke Smith

Pollution claims can be spectacularly damaging when they happen, and they are often excluded from CGL commercial insurance policies. So why aren’t more contractors buying environmental insurance, and how can brokers reverse the trend?

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Power of Small

November 2, 2018 David Gambrill, Editor-in-Chief

Canada’s reinsurance marketplace, featuring a relatively small piece of the global premium pie, creates a challenge for reinsurers to grow their business. So why do reinsurers remain optimistic about their future prospects?

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Growth Gurus

November 1, 2018 Danielle Kubes increased its revenue by 3,097% in five years, making it Canada’s fastest-growing insurance business. How they did it and what’s in store

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Covering Small Business Cyber Exposure

October 18, 2018 David Gambrill

Considering the potentially devastating effect of a cyber attack on a small business in Canada, it’s surprising to see a recent study showing that more than a third of Canadian firms do not report carrying cyber insurance coverage. “For me,

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3 Ways to Win Over the Small Business Owner

October 14, 2018 Plamen Petkov

Plamen Petkov, vice president of Ontario and business resources at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, which represents 110,000 small businesses across Canada, provides insight to help brokers forge successful business partnerships with small business owners. DO: Establish very clearly

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The Psychology of the Small Business Owner

October 8, 2018 Richard Spence

Consider the sheer courage of Canadian business owners. With so many commercial risks and liabilities, from property and casualty to employee fraud, credit risk, key-person vulnerabilities – and now cyber attack (see story on Page 23) – it’s a wonder


Spotlight On: Travel

September 17, 2018 David Gambrill

Canada’s tourist boom is creating a big opportunity for brokers in travel insurance lines. “Brokers should take advantage of opportunities to ask their clients whether or not they have any friends or family travelling from abroad,” says Dan Keon, director


Spotlight On: Pollution Liability

September 17, 2018 Greg Meckbach

Pollution liability is a risk some commercial clients don’t realize they have. Others may be aware of the risk, but mistakenly assume it is covered by an existing commercial general liability policy. Either way, brokers need to know what CGL


Spotlight On: Marine

September 17, 2018 Jason Contant

Brokers interested in selling marine insurance should target coverholders and managing general agents (MGAs) in Canada rather than going straight to the London market, advises Capt. John Hosty, national director of marine services at ClaimsPro. “There are a lot of


Spotlight on: General Liability

September 14, 2018 David Gambrill

In general liability lines, where pricing and competition are still healthy, brokers are more likely to notice windows of opportunity starting to close – particularly in the hot tar and hospitality lines. “Competition is out there, capacity is still out


Spotlight On: Financial/Legal

September 14, 2018 Greg Meckbach

In financial and legal lines of commercial insurance, the Canadian property and casualty insurance market has shown a greater willingness to serve clients who are engaged in mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Representations and warranties (R&W) insurance is a type of


Spotlight On: Errors and Omissions

September 14, 2018 David Gambrill

An emerging class of professional consultants is a new area of opportunity for brokers seeking to place errors and omissions insurance. “We as a society have changed to become more service-oriented,” says Marilyn vanGansewinkel, vice president of specialty insurance solutions