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Allstate sells European auto business

June 20, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

U.S. based insurer Allstate has announced plans to sell its European auto insurance business to London’s Direct Line, a subsidiary of The Royal Bank of Scotland. The decision to unload the German and Italian direct auto business follows Allstate’s departure

News Mergers and Aqcuisitions

Dominion president calls for B.C. auto insurance deregulation by 2003

June 18, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

Speaking at the recently held AGM of the Insurance Brokers Association of British Columbia (IBABC) in Kelowna, George Cooke of the Dominion of Canada General Insurance Co. praised the "unwavering commitment" of the province’s new premier Gordon Campbell to increase

News Mergers and Aqcuisitions

Insurers battle against rising claims tide

June 12, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

The Canadian property and casualty insurance industry achieved a dismal 3.8% return on equity for the last four consecutive quarters through to the end of March 2001, according to the latest preliminary financial figures released by the Insurance Bureau of

News Mergers and Aqcuisitions

Kingsway enters U.S. alliance and announces public offering

June 11, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

Specialty risk insurer Kingsway Financial Services Inc. (TSE: KFS) has entered into an "alliance" with Texas-based auto insurer Reliant American Group Inc. "We see a lot of potential for the distribution of Reliant American’s commercial auto, garage liability and general

News Mergers and Aqcuisitions

Quebec minister decries high-powered cars

June 7, 2001 by Canadian Underwriter

Quebec’s Transport Minister Guy Chevrette says auto manufacturers are creating a highway hazard by building more powerful engines in cars. At a news conference, Chevrette says that the federal government should step in to limit the power of car engines