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We Know... Risk We study it, research it, speak on it, share insights on it and pioneer new ways to measure it. With underwriters who have many years experience as well as deep specialty and technical expertise, we’re proud to be acknowledged as global experts in understanding risk. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative, industry-leading specialty insurance products.

78 Musgrove Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba   R3R 2M5
Telephone: 204-806-0732

Products Offered

Casino and Lawful Gaming
Casino and Lawful Gaming : CGL
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Dice Roll
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Envelope Draw
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Prize Indemnity Bingo
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Prize Indemnity Internet Promotions
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Prize Indemnity Lotteries
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Prize Indemnity Poker
Casino and Lawful Gaming : Prize Indemnity Slots
Casino and Lawful Gaming: Hole in One
Casino and Lawful Gaming: Horse Racing Associations
Casino and Lawful Gaming: Prize Indemnity
Jackpot Coverage
Jackpot Coverage : Bingo
Jackpot Coverage : Direct Mail Solicitation
Jackpot Coverage : Hole In One
Jackpot Coverage : Lottery
Jackpot Coverage : Scratch Cards
Jackpot Coverage : Slots
Jackpot Coverage : Sports Book
Jackpot Coverage : Video Poker
Kidnap, Ransom and Extortion
Sports And Entertainment : AD and D Only
Sports Promotion
Sports Promotion : 8 on the Break
Sports Promotion : Air Show
Sports Promotion : Basketball Shoot
Sports Promotion : Bean Bag Toss
Sports Promotion : Bowl
Sports Promotion : Contractors Bonus Incentives
Sports Promotion : Coupon Over-Redemption
Sports Promotion : Excess Liability
Sports Promotion : Fish Weight
Sports Promotion : Football Field Goal
Sports Promotion : Golf Courses
Sports Promotion : Hockey Goal
Sports Promotion : Hole In One
Sports Promotion : Lacrosse Target
Sports Promotion : Lucky Key Pick
Sports Promotion : Number Match
Sports Promotion : Paper Airplane Toss
Sports Promotion : Prize Indemnity
Sports Promotion : Promotion Incentives
Sports Promotion : Radio Promo
Sports Promotion : Skeet Perfect Game
Sports Promotion : Tag Fish
Sports Promotion : Weather Promos
Sports and Entertainment
Sports and Entertainment : Bands
Sports and Entertainment : Concerts, Theatre
Sports and Entertainment : Contractual Bonus/Incentive
Sports and Entertainment : Death and Disgrace
Sports and Entertainment : Event Cancellation
Sports and Entertainment : Film and Entertainment
Sports and Entertainment : Non Appearance
Sports and Entertainment : Occupational AD and D
Sports and Entertainment : Player Participation
Sports and Entertainment : Pro Athletes Life And Disability
Sports and Entertainment : Retail Sales Promotion
Sports and Entertainment : Sports Associations
Sports and Entertainment : Sports, Accident and Liability
Sports and Entertainment : Travelling Athletes
Terrorism and Sabotage