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A.S.A.P. Secured Inc. Revolutionizes Accident/Disaster Reporting with a First-ever Mobile Command Centre for Ontario Insurance Personnel

January 12, 2010   by Canadian Underwriter magazine

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TORONTO, January 12, 2010 – A.S.A.P. Secured, Inc., a Canadian leader in disaster and fire scene security, has launched a revolutionary Mobile Command Centre for easy deployment at large loss sites across Ontario. This new centre will allow adjusters and other insurance industry professionals to offer immediate assistance and support to their customers in the midst of a crisis or disaster.

This brand new 17-foot Mobile Command Centre, equipped with an internet-ready computer, printer, copier and scanner, will provide industry personnel insurers, adjusters, engineers with an on-site climate and temperature controlled office and meeting environment.

ASAP is the only emergency services company in Canada that offers insurance industry personnel with a satellite office of this kind. Its response team will deploy the command centre to select loss sites at no charge to the insurance provider, in conjunction with its contracted emergency security services.

In terms of what we do with the insurance industry in Canada its a significant first, says ASAP vice president Rob Garland. We anticipate it will improve reporting efficiency, customer service and potentially cut hours off the average time to complete an insurance investigation.

ASAPs Mobile Command Centre enables insurers to effectively mitigate the loss on location. It allows on-site preparation, reporting and spontaneous meetings between adjustors and engineers, particularly valuable in the event of large scale losses where immediate and confidential dialogue is critical. The command centre itself serves as a significant visual deterrent to potential criminal activity.

This is just one more in a continuing series of innovative security services were developing for Canadian insurers, says Garland. We fully expect the industry to take full advantage of this new mobile solution to improve the speed and service quality of loss investigations for 2010 and beyond.

About A.S.A.P. Secured Inc.

ASAP is one of Canadas leading providers of disaster and fire-scene emergency security services. Its divisions, ASAP Insurance Services and ASAP Security Personnel, and ASAP Integrated Security Systems, set the standard for delivering premier security solutions to clients in Ontario and across the country. ASAP is proud to be a division of AFI International.

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