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Accident Support Services International Ltd. appoints Jorge Blanco as Director Information Technology

March 19, 2021   by Accident Support Services International Ltd.

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TORONTO, ON/MARCH 18, 2021/insPRESS/ – Accident Support Services International (ASSI) is pleased to announce that Jorge Blanco has been appointed to the position of Director Information Technology. Jorge is a Systems Engineer in Enterprise Architect, with over 20 years of professional experience. Focusing on digital transformations, system integrations and managing high performance IT teams in both the financial and insurance industries. Spending the last seven years with Beazley Insurance.

By working as a product owner and solutions architect with strong technical background, he was able to develop strong skills on building relationships with senior stakeholders within different business areas. Jorge was able to execute software project solutions on time and within budget.

Along with being fluent in English and Spanish. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering, a certificate in Enterprise Architect from the University of Toronto.

Jorge will be leading our IT department and assisting our operation in transformation of our Collision Reporting Occurrence Management System (CROMS). He will continue to develop our specialized First Notice of Loss (FNOL) integrations with our insurance partners and carriers.

FNOL integration will enhance customer service for the citizens and our partners by allowing an insurer to open a claim while the citizen is reporting their collision to the police.

“Having Jorge on board is a major asset to ASSI. With his advanced technology skills, we will continue to evolve allowing us to meet the various needs of our Insurance & Police Partners. Jorge and his team will be instrumental in enhancing our FNOL integrations” said Natasha Noseworthy, Manager of Insurance Programs.

About Accident Support Services International Ltd.

Accident Support Services International Ltd. (ASSI) has established “One Stop Collision Reporting”, through a unique partnership involving the police, the insurance industry, and private enterprise. Since 1994, ASSI has provided professional Collision Reporting Centres (CRCs) to allow police to reallocate resources to higher priority needs in the community. The centres are funded completely by the Insurance Industry; there is no direct cost to the police or the public.

ASSI currently operates 35 CRCs across Canada, and 25+ additional Police services utilize our Collision Reporting and Occurrence Management System (CROMS) as their electronic collision and records management database.

For FNOL & CROMS inquires please contact
Natasha Noseworthy
Manager of Insurance Programs
Accident Support Services International Ltd.
Tel: 416-745-3301

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