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Batten down the hatches: Preparing for a busy Atlantic hurricane and storm season

July 28, 2022   by First Onsite Property Restoration

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MISSISSAUGA, ON, JULY 28, 2022/insPRESS/ – Signs point toward a busy hurricane and tropical storm season with 20 named storms and a higher risk than usual for eastern Canada to be impacted according to Colorado State University (CSU) hurricane researchers.

To help its clients prepare, First Onsite Property Restoration is a project sponsor of CSU’s Extended Range Forecast of Atlantic Seasonal Hurricane Activity, most recently updated on July 7. The company is taking CSU’s prediction of a very active 2022 Atlantic hurricane season to heart, including the outlook for the tropical cyclone-prone provinces of Canada among other regions.

“Currently, we estimate a 74 per cent probability of a named storm impact and a 47 per cent forecast probability of a hurricane impact,” said Phil Klotzbach, senior research scientist in the Department of Atmospheric Science and lead author of CSU’s seasonal hurricane forecasts.

“Historically, hurricanes are less known to hit Canadian cities with the intensity that’s experienced in the United States,” said Jim Mandeville, Senior Vice President, Large Loss, First Onsite Property Restoration. “But even tropical storms can still have quite a substantial impact on Canadian communities, businesses and homes, especially on the east coast.”

Canada’s hurricane season
Canada’s hurricane season spans June to November, with activity peaking in September. When intensive storm systems make landfall on Canadian soil they are often no longer classified as hurricanes but remain extremely powerful. Since these storms can only be anticipated mere days before landfall, preparation is key.

As with any emergency, being prepared is the best way to lower the risk of property damage. If you live in an Atlantic coastal area, or immediately in-land, the time to start preparing is before peak hurricane season arrives.

A 2022 survey conducted by Angus Reid Global on behalf of First Onsite found that 61 per cent of Atlantic Canadians feared the damage caused by hurricanes and tropical storms compared to 37 per cent in Quebec, 35 percent in Ontario and 29 percent in British Columbia.

“Storms aren’t acting like they used to, and disaster plans are typically based on what has happened in the past,” said Mandeville. “Disaster plans need to be thoroughly planned out and practiced regularly.”

Water damage and property loss are only some of the devastating outcomes that can occur from the effects of hurricanes.

First Onsite provides hurricane tips to minimize a storm’s impact on homes or businesses: 

  • Develop an operations emergency response plan
  • Protect your facility / home against flooding
  • Ensure you have adequate insurance coverage
  • Backup data and test your data recovery strategy
  • Create an inventory of your property contents
  • Secure loose outdoor objects
  • Board up windows
  • Don’t forget about pets
  • Stay informed


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