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ClaimsPro Emergency Response Teams Gear up to Handle Claims in Midst of Historic Ice Storms

December 23, 2013   by SCM Insurance Services

An SCM Company

Toronto—ClaimsPro, the country’s largest independent adjusting company, is poised to handle emergency claims in the midst of the historic ice storms in eastern Canada that have left hundreds of thousands of residents without power.

Much of eastern Canada including Quebec, southern Ontario, and major cities like Toronto and Ottawa were hit with a brutal ice storm over the weekend that left city streets coated in a thick layer of ice. In addition to the slippery roads, the storm also brought down large tree branches on cars, homes, and power lines throughout the region.  Environment Canada has forecasted colder temperatures for central Canada over the next several days, meaning the ice is likely here to stay. This system of freezing rain and snow is now moving towards the Maritimes with freezing rain warnings being issued for the region this morning.

ClaimsPro’s Catastrophic Response Teams have been mobilized to provide those affected by the ice storms with emergency claims services. Our expert adjusters in more than 50 ClaimsPro locations across Eastern Canada are on standby to support insurers, brokers, and property owners during this difficult time.

 “We have mobilized our teams from all over the country so that we have the capacity to support our clients during this holiday season,” states Lorri Frederick, Executive Vice President, Operations for ClaimsPro.

If you require emergency claims service please contact our 24-hour toll free line at 1-866-359-2899.

In addition, SCM’s Forensic Investigations Canada (FIC) has also mobilized its Emergency Site Security Teams to help insurers, citizens, and corporate and government organizations protect themselves from additional losses such as theft or personal injury caused by the power outages and damaged buildings. Our experienced security teams act quickly to secure the site, control access, and protect valuable contents.

To arrange site security, please email or call:

Toll Free 24-hour line: 1-877-700-4011 During office hours: 1-888-467-2370 E:  Website:

For more information please contact:

  • Lorri Fredrick
  • Executive Vice President, Operations
  • ClaimsPro
  • T: 416-777-6262
  • E:


  • Bikram Daulay
  • Vice President Marketing & Communications
  • T: 780-930-5321
  • E:  
  • Len Copp
  • President
  • Forensic Investigations Canada Inc.
  • An SCM Company
  • T: 780-930-5122
  • E: 

ClaimsPro is an independent adjusting and claims management company that has been working with Canada’s domestic insurance market since 1986. With offices throughout the country, ClaimsPro provides its clients with local expertise and the resources of a national company. Visit to learn more.

Forensic Investigations Canada (FIC) helps Canadian corporations and insurance companies combat the risk of fraud by providing nation-wide investigative, surveillance, information, and specialized site security services. For more information about FIC, we invite you to visit .

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