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Contractors’ Dynamic Business Require Specialized Insurance!

September 19, 2022   by CHES Special Risk Inc.

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TORONTO, ON, SEPTEMBER 19, 2022/insPRESS/ – When you consider industries that are dynamic and evolving at a rapid pace, your minds will definitely turn towards the General Contractors. These Contracting companies are known to offer a wide range of services in a variety of specialties, using new approaches and quick collaborative delivery models.

Given the rapid nature of the work the General Contractor conducts, it is evident that businesses in this sector face a distinct risk portfolio, including litigation or claims involving potential property damage and bodily injury on a third-party job site. These numerous uncertainties highlight how crucial it is for these Contractors to have adequate insurance coverage in a field that is constantly in a flux.

MGAs like CHES Special Risk are specialized in writing policies for complex business like General Contractors.

“At CHES Special Risk, we have a broad Contractors Insurance appetite, and our creative solutions are designed to meet the highly specific needs of a very diverse and developing group of Contractors, which include:

  • Work with concrete and cement
  • Restoring Businesses (excluding sandblasting)
  • Concrete Formwork & Masonry
  • Work done by general contractors
  • Foundational Arches made of masonry
  • Metal on metal and masonry
  • Coating for Metal
  • Performing roadway and sewer cleaning
  • Repairing septic tanks and steel platform balconies
  • Caulking and glazing.

We can provide CGL, EIL and Professional Liability. New ventures/ New Contractors, as well as Contractors with claims, can also be covered by our policy”, – mentioned Rachana Patel, Senior Underwriter, CHES Special Risk.

“At CHES, our highly collaborative process of curating Insurance coverage for dynamic sectors leverages our knowledge and experience; our diversity of thought, skills, and competencies enables us to offer innovative solutions to meet the demands of evolving sectors such as contractors,” Patel added.

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ABOUT CHES Special Risk Inc.

CHES Special Risk Inc. was established as a Managing General Agent and Wholesale broker in 2004, in response to broker demand to a hardening marketplace, commencing with a particular specialty in the entertainment and hospitality business, later becoming a fully accredited Lloyd’s cover holder in 2009. CHES Special Risk and Sister Companies are a fully Independent MGA delivering “A” rated capacity both in the hard to place, and standard lines classes and support their retail brokers in growing and developing their businesses.

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