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CRU Group Expands USA Operations

June 11, 2018   by CRU Adjusters

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TORONTO, June 11, 2018 /insPRESS/ – Kyle Winston, President and CEO of CRU GROUP, today announced a significant broadening of the companies’ operations in the United States. The expansion is being led by Paula Holladay, USA Operations Manager.

Reporting to Ms. Holladay is Jonathan Rice as Director of USA Catastrophe Operations, John Holladay as Director of Compliance and Call Centre Recruitment and Brandi Garcia as Senior Liability Adjuster. Reporting to Jonathan Rice are Jim Back and Matt Smurr as Storm Managers.

“Last year’s significant catastrophe season in parts of the United States proved an extraordinary test of our growing U.S. platform.” said Mr. Winston “We delivered real value and exceptional results in trying circumstances for all of our insurer clients.” Added Mr. Winston, “Most exciting was the way we were able to leverage our proven Canadian catastrophe response capabilities to help manage the needs of insurer clients in Texas and Florida – the first real test of a belief that our North American catastrophe response platform could deliver added value.”

“The core to the growing success of CRU GROUP in the U.S. market is its customer-centric approach.” said Ms. Holladay “We never try to tell the insurer client how they should do things, we deliver professional independent claims adjusting services the way our clients want it done, consistent with their own policies and processes and using their own systems.”

“The U.S. expansion is also enabling CRU GROUP to broaden its service portfolio beyond catastrophe response”, said Mr. Winston “Some of our clients are so pleased with the relationship that they have asked us to become part of their general claims handling operations. Our growing network of senior liability adjusters has enabled us to begin delivering services to major Lloyd’s syndicates who are already utilizing our market leading F.C. Maltman International specialty team in Canada.”

Paula Holladay – joined CRU GROUP in 2015 and has decades of experience in specialty liability adjusting and general claims management.

Jonathan Rice – joined CRU GROUP in 2011 with extensive experience in adjusting and as a Team Lead and trainer for CAT Events.

John Holladay – joined CRU GROUP in 2017 and is highly experienced in liability adjusting, with years of additional experience in claims management and quality assurance.

Matthew Smurr – joined CRU GROUP in 2013 and is CGC Licensed. He has a decade of experience in adjusting and over 40 years in Commercial/Residential construction.

Jim Back- joined CRU GROUP in 2017 and has managed 20+ events in his career, including hurricane, hail storms and oil spill. He has had extensive involvement with both small and large 500+ adjuster events.

Brandi Garcia – joined CRU GROUP in 2017 and has 2+ years’ experience handling various levels of liability claims.

“These new additions to the team are only the beginning.” said Mr. Winston “America is a great country and a big market. It is clear that the CRU GROUP value proposition resonates with insurers and there is every reason to believe that our rapid growth can continue – with the strong team we have put in place and the new talent joining us week by week.”


Founded in 2004, CRU Group provides staffing solutions and claims
management services for the Property & Casualty industry across
North America. CRU Adjusting Group currently operates four main
units: Catastrophe Response Unit Inc. Canada, Catastrophe
Response Unit USA, as well as market-leading specialty claims
adjusting firm F.C. Maltman International and The Academy of
Insurance Adjusting (AIA). The Group Head Office is in Toronto,

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Becky Ramsbottom
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