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CRU held its first UAS Pilot Seminar

April 27, 2018   by CRU Adjusters

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TORONTO, April 27, 2018 /insPRESS/ – CRU adjusters, a Canadian based independent adjusting firm, recently held their first UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) seminar giving attendees an in-depth look at current UAV technology and its uses, at Southern Tech in Ardmore Oklahoma.

The real estate, agriculture, oil, gas and wind industries all use UAV’s in some way, whether it’s just to take photos or to analyze a potentially-dangerous situation. Glenn Smith, vice president of CRU Adjusters UAV Division teaches UAV courses at Southern Tech. He said 75 people from the US and Canada were in attendance this past Monday and Tuesday. “Most of these people are professionals, and this is just another tool in their tool box,” Smith said. “The name of the game is efficiency and safety, and this seminar addressed both of those points.“

CRU Adjusters uses UAV technology to conduct roof inspections after natural disasters, which is safer than sending adjusters onto damaged roofs. Smith said that CRU used UAV’s in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma as well as on wildfires in Williams Lake B.C. UAV’s use software capable of taking photos and using algorithms to read different kinds of damage, down to how many shingles are missing. “We never even leave the ground,” Smith said. “It makes that line of work a lot safer when you can do it all from the front yard. “Few people understand what’s involved in being able to fly for hire,” Smith said. “It’s a rapidly growing industry and there’s a lot of different ways it can be utilized.”

Representatives from two leading UAV companies in the industry, Kespry and Loveland Innovations, were on hand and shared the technological advances being made with the technology. CRU utilizes both, adjusters that are UAV pilots, as well as people that only want to “Fly the Roof” and not adjust the claim. Smith also stated “As with everything CRU does, the company is on the leading edge of technology and uses it to the fullest, to enhance the produce they provide their customers.”

CRU currently has over 60 pilots on their roster with 28 of those certified to fly the Kespry unit, and half of those are SFOC qualified as well. When asked about CRU’s long term intentions with the technology, Smith said “Have UAV’s! Will Travel!”.

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