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Ecclesiastical issues Winter Protection Advice During the Pandemic

January 14, 2021   by Ecclesiastical Insurance

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TORONTO, JAN. 14, 2021/insPRESS/ – Risk Control Specialists at Ecclesiastical Insurance have issued advice on how to protect your facility from the harsh Canadian winter. Many buildings have been empty and idle for extended periods of time due to COVID 19 and with winter here, it is more important than ever to ensure your facility is fully winter-ready. Freezing temperatures, heavy snow accumulation, ice storms, and high winds present unique hazards and challenges for property administrators and custodial staff. Extreme winter weather can result in a range of problems, from burst pipes and collapsed roofs to increased fire risks.

A comprehensive risk management and property maintenance program with clearly defined policies and procedures can prevent and/or significantly reduce winter-related property damages, as well as personal injury. Property inspection is a key component of an effective risk management program. Advice is given on how to protect your property from major winter risks, such as ruptured pipes, ice dams, roof failure and hazards on the ground.

A second paper outlines snow and ice removal best practices designed to reduce the risk of personal injury or damage to your property. This general assistance guide describes steps to hire a snow removal contractor, how to work with volunteers in the process, and action needed to clear the walkways, footpaths, stairs, ramps, and other common foot traffic areas. The need to safely remove snow and ice accumulations continues even during a Pandemic.

And a third paper, Avoiding Freeze-ups and Malfunctions of Automatic Fire Sprinkler Systems, outlines common issues with sprinkler systems and how to mitigate possible loss or damage.  Appropriate installation, inspection and regular maintenance are key components of maintaining fire sprinkler systems.

These papers, and an extensive collection of risk control bulletins can be found at


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Sally Turney, Communications Executive, Ecclesiastical Insurance Office plc

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