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Hudson Restoration Inc. partners with Built Green Canada to offer policyholders eco-friendly rebuild options. Hudson will be the first restoration company to offer Built Green Certifications to homeowners in Canada.

January 19, 2023   by Hudson Restoration Inc.

BURLINGTON, ON, JANUARY 19, 2023/insPRESS/ – Hudson Restoration Inc., a leading boutique and eco-friendly disaster restoration company has partnered with Built Green Canada to further enhance sustainable options for insurer clients and property owner customers.

Working in partnership with Built Green Canada, the initiative’s focus is to provide property owners interested in making greener choices when they rebuild, to receive expanded guidance and support, access to green building experts and ultimately receive a BUILT GREEN® certification, through Hudson’s disaster restoration process directly.

Residential, commercial, and institutional combine to make the building sector Canada’s third-highest greenhouse gas (GHG) emitter. Currently green and sustainable building is primarily considered when undertaking new construction or planned renovation. This partnership expands those opportunities to property owners who have experienced a disaster and wish to make sustainable choices during the insurance led / supported restoration process.

This program also helps Hudson support their insurer clients meet their own environmental, net zero and supply chain sustainability goals.

“After a disaster, many of our forward-looking customers want to use the opportunity to rebuild their homes or businesses more sustainably,” says Margo Malowney, VP of Business Development & Culture at Hudson. “Hudson is constantly improving sustainability throughout our own operations, and this partnership allows us to continue to lead in this space and offer the same to our customers.”

“Historically, Built Green Canada has had their focus on partnering with builders, developers and renovators,” says Nick Hudson, Director of Operations at Hudson. “We’ve worked closely with the great folks at Built Green to reimagine the approach in order to provide certifications to our customers in property damage restoration. It’s taken some time, and we are extremely excited with where we’ve ended up. We can’t wait to kick off the New Year and begin offering this to policyholders.”

This partnership also enhances Built Green’s visibility in the Ontario market as well as expands on their program offerings.

“We’re excited to work with Nick, Margo and the team at Hudson. Our BUILT GREEN® programs continue to grow and working with Hudson further establishes us in the Ontario market,” says Jenifer Christenson, CEO of Built Green Canada. “When discussions began, it was immediately clear that they were already ahead of the curve when it comes to incorporating sustainable practices within their own operations—it was a natural fit. Given the increase and severity of natural disasters, largely due to climate change, the restoration industry has a big role to play in contributing to a more sustainably built environment. With natural disasters top-of-mind for us, Hudson’s reach out was serendipitous. We’re so impressed with their progressive, can-do attitude.”

This partnership continues Hudson’s vision of leading the restoration industry into an eco friendly future. To learn more about Hudson’s BUILT GREEN® restoration projects, email us at or follow us on our socials for future announcements.

About Hudson Restoration

Hudson Restoration is a leading boutique and eco-friendly disaster restoration company in Canada, providing remediation, restoration and reconstruction services for high value residential, heritage and commercial properties.

Founded in 2009, Hudson has developed a reputation built on sophisticated levels of craftsmanship, communication and personal service, with an industry-leading, and ever deepening eco-friendly approach to help customers and insurance clients meet environmental and net-zero targets.

Today Hudson delivers construction and restoration service across Southern Ontario, and shares their vision through an expanding national franchise network. For more information, please visit to learn more. For franchising information, please visit

About Built Green Canada

Built Green Canada is an industry-driven organization committed to working with builders, renovators, developers, and now restorers interested in sustainability practices in the residential building sector. The organization offers third-party certification programs for single family up to net zero energy, renovations, high density (including mixed use), high density renovations and communities. While energy efficiency is a fundamental component of these programs, Built Green goes beyond energy efficiency, moving the industry toward a more holistic approach to sustainable building practices. An approach that includes the preservation of natural resources, reduction of pollution, ventilation and air quality, and the improvement of home durability.

For more information, please visit or contact us:, toll free 1.855.485.0920

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