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MBC Group appoints Manuel Martineau as Senior Director of National Sales and Integration

April 19, 2022   by MBC Group

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MONTREAL QC, APRIL 19, 2022/insPRESS/ – MBC Group extends a warm welcome to their newest addition, Manuel Martineau, Senior Director of National Sales and Integration. Mr. Martineau is based out of Montreal, Quebec, and will report directly to Mr. Yves Metten, board member and VP of Corporate Development.

Manuel has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry where he has excelled at fostering an ecosystem built on reciprocal relationships. He has a knack for strengthening multiple lines of business and incorporating new disciplines into the fold. He understands the nuances of standardizing goals at a national level while still encouraging collaboration throughout the whole team.

“I am very excited to be part of the team at MBC Group,” says Manuel, “I love to see a company that embraces the grooming of the entrepreneurial mindset. This is something most companies want but fail to achieve. MBC is in the sweet spot and at the right size to make sure they don’t drift into the cold corporate culture. I am looking forward to building new relationships and facing the challenges that come from significant growth. By giving clear objectives to the national team, we will make way for an upward trend in growth – the right way.”

Manuel will lead the national sales team and accelerate the growth of MBC Group in Eastern Canada.  implementing unique processes that set MBC Group apart from its competition and that will strengthen partnerships through establishing a strong, efficient, and dynamic network. With a solid foundation for the continued growth of the company, MBC Group will change the insurance and environmental industries.

“Manuel is an impressive businessman and a great person,” says Yves Metten. “His knowledge and understanding of aspects of business such as Mergers and Acquisitions amidst growth will be an asset; he sees acquisitions as more than just a business transaction and is well-versed in the integration process. At MBC Group, we embrace change, improvement, and innovation to help propel not only our company but broader industries as well. We wish Mr. Martineau much success and look forward to seeing how he will reinforce our strategic vision and help us achieve both our long and short-term business objectives.”

About MBC Group

 MBC Group’s mission is to be a single source for a wide array of services, where clients receive a comprehensive, collaborative, and creative project approach to their projects. Already located in more than fifteen cities from coast to coast, MBC’s strength lies in the multidisciplinary team comprised of leading experts in structural engineering and design, property damage appraisal, cost consulting, environmental consulting, and forensic laboratory analysis and research. Each member of the team brings not only a unique background of experience to their methodology and project approach, but a passion for going above and beyond to provide clients with the solutions they need.

About Manuel Martineau

Manuel started out as a Project Manager nearly 20 years ago, where he gained experience in sales, team supervision, and quality control. In years since he has evolved in various management positions, including general operations, human resources, and business and sales, eventually becoming a business owner himself. Having completed over 30 mergers and acquisitions in his career, Manuel is an asset Mr. Martineau is efficient and detail-oriented, setting companies apart from the competition through strong partnerships, internal operations, and quality of work output.

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