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Origin and Cause celebrates its 29th year

July 2, 2020   by Origin and Cause

TORONTO, ON, JULY 2, 2020/insPRESS/ – Today is Origin and Cause’s 29th anniversary, and it’s one that will stand out in our company history for a long time to come. Not because the number of years is especially significant, but because the year itself has been filled with such poignant moments.

In many respects, this anniversary marks a turning point. Because, while things will eventually return to normal, the long-lasting impact of Covid-19 likely means that the way forward – the way we live and work – will never be the same. That kind of uncertainty may seem daunting, even frightening, but it was not so long ago that we took a risk starting Origin and Cause, and while we may be closing in on our thirtieth year, we still retain that original trailblazing spirit.

So, while this anniversary may feel less celebratory than in years past, I would still like to take a moment to thank all our clients who supported us in the past and continue to do so. I would also like to thank all our employees, and just say how proud I am of everyone who has continued to put themselves on the front lines to serve our clients, especially in these past few weeks. Our goal for Origin and Cause was always to be a forensic engineering firm that valued relationships as much as technical expertise. I like to think that ethos is one shared by our clients, employees and partners, and something to which we owe our present success.

Whatever the future holds, I look forward to many more years of working together.

Thank you,

Mazen Habash,
President and Consulting Forensic Engineer 

About Origin and Cause

As Canada’s largest consulting forensic engineering and fire investigation firm, Origin and Cause provides cross-disciplinary forensic expertise to insurance companies, law firms, independent adjusters and corporate risk managers. Origin and Cause has been a trusted leader for over 25 years, completing over 30,000 cases and helping its clients discover the truth by determining the facts through expert investigation. Origin and Cause has built its reputation on integrity and commitment to the facts, and guarantees unbiased opinions based on factual evidence determined through scientific methodology, examination and laboratory testing.

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