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Our experts weigh in on COVID-19 impacts to various industries across the globe

April 17, 2020   by Amanda Emery

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Toronto,ON, April 17, 2020/InsPress/  If you are working on an article surrounding the pandemic and need an expert to interview/quote, we have you covered. We’ve written articles on the following, with lots more on the way:

1. Cyber Criminals on the Rise for Remote Employees

Cyber Security – 4 Steps to Avoid Cyber Criminals Capitalizing on COVID-19 including phishing, devices used and WiFi pitfalls.

2. Operations Shut Down: Effects on Stagnant Equipment, Data and Software Systems

Data and Software Recovery – Four most common data processing equipment and system failures that claim professionals and businesses are likely to experience during this extended period of shut down and what that can mean when facilities try to get back up and running.
Critical Business Equipment – Even with normal exercising and preventive maintenance, equipment and systems brought back online can still fail. What types of equipment do you need to be paying the most attention to, and how do you prepare for the worst?
Need an Example? Play it out in our hypothetical case scenario of a fire, to really illustrate to readers the challenges that exist with measuring in manufacturing losses including mandates, raw material needs, perils and funding.

3. Shipping and Transportation: What to Expect for the Maritime Industry

Oversea Shipments, Transportation and Ship Repair – Shipments are on the decline, container exports are down, and supply chain interruption has now happened. It will ripple through industries such as automotive, manufacturing and more. Delays to shipment repairs have been experienced globally, further delaying vessels and leading to operational issues that could extend through the next year. What does this mean for the future?

4. Construction and Building Delay

Top 3 Tips for Construction Claim Preparedness – The construction industry is feeling effects of mandated closures, reduction of materials and labour resources. Get proactive, understand the impacts and get your records in order. We’ll outline how.

Please contact me to set up time for an interview or quote, or if you’d like to go more in-depth with our experts. We have consultants in all disciplines and specialties across the board depending on your needs.

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