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Quality and Objectivity – The Two Foundational Components of Medical Assessment Reporting

February 2, 2021   by Assessmed

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MISSISSAUGA, ON, FEB. 2, 2021/insPRESS/ – AssessMed is proud to announce that it has received another three-year accreditation from CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) International. This is the highest level of accreditation to provide Independent Evaluation Services for adults, as well as children and adolescents across all market segments.

What Is CARF and Why Does It Matter?

Founded in 1966, CARF is a non-profit organization that has become a global authority for accrediting various healthcare, rehabilitation, and human services companies. This includes companies, such as AssessMed, that provide independent medical evaluation services to various insurance carriers, corporations, and medical-legal stakeholders.

Companies seeking CARF accreditation must undergo a rigorous assessment process, as well as meet internationally-recognized organizational and program standards. Demonstrating that an organization can continuously meet the CARF standards includes continuously improving all programs.  As a Canadian leader for independent medical evaluation services, AssessMed remains committed to the CARF process and evolving standards, accountability, and management principles.

AssessMed’s 2021 Accreditation Survey Report

Despite AssessMed’s willingness to undertake the unique challenges associated with the demanding survey process, whilst in the midst of a global pandemic, the CARF Survey Team made only one recommendation for system improvement – of note, a single recommendation for any company, even in normal times would be considered exceptional.

In addition, the CARF survey team had a lot of positive feedback for the AssessMed team and noted below are some excerpts taken directly from the CARF report in this regard:

  • AssessMed delivers high-value independent evaluation services and demonstrates a commitment to the CARF standards. Resources have been devoted to supporting qualified team members and assessors in their delivery of person-centered care that is highly valued by stakeholders. The leaders and personnel are energetic and highly motivated, show a clear dedication to performance improvement, and are open and receptive to suggestions and consultation. A culture of respect, integrity, accountability, and trust is evident throughout all levels of the organization.
  • AssessMed maintains the priorities of health, safety, and personal responsibility while simultaneously addressing and removing barriers or biases that may be present when working in this complicated arena. Stakeholders speak highly of the services provided. The organization has demonstrated a clear commitment to the CARF accreditation process and the CARF standards.
  • The national medical director is recognized for his commitment to AssessMed and his longstanding work to continuously improve the assessments of AssessMed.
  • AssessMed clearly prioritizes meeting the needs of those it serves, as evidenced by its comprehensive and thorough cultural diversity training and commitment to real-time resolution to accessibility barriers and concerns/complaints.
  • The organization has demonstrated exceptional resiliency, creativity, and commitment to safety during COVID-19, including the implementation of virtual services and comprehensive infection control procedures. Creative development of a step-by-step YouTube video outlining safety measures for in-person assessments instilled confidence in examinees, assessors, and employees related to the organization’s safety measures. In addition, based on viewing history, this video has served as an example for the industry related to safety procedures.
  • Referral sources verbalized satisfaction with the efficient responses to referrals, the rapid scheduling of appointments, the flexibility and the accommodation of the program for any changes in appointments, the seamless communication with the program, and the concise and timely dissemination of reports. One referral source, in particular, said that he prefers AssessMed over the other organizations because AssessMed understands the complexities and challenges involved in service provision and is still able to maintain a very organized approach in offering solutions.

Donald Kunkel, AssessMed’s President said, “Receiving this recognition of operational and leadership excellence, brings us all a huge sense of accomplishment and pride.  The team’s dedication, sacrifices and commitment to quality, even in these most trying of times, put the company in a phenomenal position to continuously function at the highest level of operational efficiencies while always maintaining a strong sense of unbiased objectivity in the reporting process!”

Click here to view AssessMeds COVID-19 Safety Protocols

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