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Security Concerns Surrounding Zoom

April 8, 2020   by AssessMed

Mississauga, ON, April 8, 2020/InsPress/ – There has been an increase in the need for remote working due to COVID-19, with team members, clients and service providers all needing to communicate virtually in even more creative ways than in the past.

In these unprecedented times, it is essential to investigate all service delivery options being offered and this definitely applies to the provision of disability and medical-legal assessments. One of the most popular video conferencing apps, Zoom has been under fire of late due to security concerns linked with its new, broad-ranged use. The service only offers full encryption for meetings that aren’t recorded and when all participants are using Zoom client at the same time. Also, of great concern, your data shared on the platform may be transmitted outside Canada as Zoom uses global data centres to provide its services.

There is also a risk of unauthorized users randomly joining a meeting in progress and this is now referred to as “Zoom-bombing.” Most often these virtual world menaces interrupt the Zoom session shouting profanities or showing inappropriate materials that would have no place in a disability assessment session.

Remote conferencing services such as Zoom are becoming a necessity, but the current working environment is itself being contaminated by the inexperienced provider trying to utilize off-the-shelf technology solutions in a way for which they were never designed to be utilized. This is a particularly dangerous scenario given that the provision of virtual assessment services still requires the sharing of highly personal information between the referral source, the assessor and the evaluee.

AssessMed does not utilize the Zoom platform for the provision of its virtual assessment services and has partnered with Adracare to provide a highly customized, virtual care assessment services platform, for the provision of secure video and messaging between independent medical assessors and evaluees via a web browser. Within the browser session, rich features include screen share, session notes and app integration for Android and iOS.

Adracare’s security safeguards are compliant with the regulations and conditions set forth in the Health Insurance Portability and Availability Act.

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