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Airbnb introduces a broader insurance coverage policy for Canadians

October 23, 2015   by David Friend - THE CANADIAN PRESS

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TORONTO – Airbnb is adding a new level of insurance coverage in Canada as part of wider support for people who list their properties through its service.

Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance program will be rolled out in more than 15 countries

The online accommodation provider announced Thursday that its Host Protection Insurance program, which launched earlier this year in the United States, would be rolled out in 15 more countries.

The expanded coverage will provide compensation if a guest is injured at a property listed on Airbnb and brings a claim against the host.

The insurance could also cover damages a guest causes to the surrounding area of a property – such as accidental water damage if a pipe burst affects a neighbouring apartment.

Coverage, which comes at no additional cost to the host, tops out at $1 million, the company said.

The Host Protection Insurance program, which will be provided through a partnership with a Lloyd’s of London participating insurer, comes after Airbnb spent four years on an agreement that satisfied the insurers, said Airbnb product lead Jonathan Golden.

“The insurance industry is not fast paced, so it has taken time to educate them on these platforms,” he said.

“It has been a challenge to handle products like these (which are) unique and individual solutions.”

Airbnb has been growing in popularity as the so-called “sharing economy” becomes more commonplace with the help of taxi-hailing service Uber and various other apps.

Golden said Airbnb executives wanted to lineup a significant number of countries before it launched the expanded insurance coverage.

Since its U.S. launch in January, less than 50 claims have been filed under the Host Protection program when factoring in all of the 8 million guest bookings, he said.

Airbnb, which offers a substitute to hotels, has about 33,000 host listings across Canada.

Few of those bookings have resulted in major issues for the company, but some of the higher profile problems have raised red flags for insurance companies.

In May, a Calgary family discovered their home was trashed amid a “drug-induced orgy” by hard-partying renters. Property damage was assessed at around $75,000, though Airbnb said it would cover the costs at the time.

Governments across the country have started to voice concerns about the ramifications of an unregulated sharing economy.

In Quebec, Tourism Minister Dominique Vien is pushing for a law which clearly differentiates between legal accommodation web sites like Airbnb and some of the smaller competitors who aren’t necessarily operating within requirements and paying taxes.

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  1. Diane Hanson says:

    We rent our entire home out on Airbnb, multiple times per year. Airbnb insurance will only cover damage to my home which is caused by the Airbnb guest. This creates a big, uncovered gap. For example if a tree falls on my house while a guest is occupying my home then Airbnb will not cover this damage.

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