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Anti-theft device breaking into Manitoba auto scene

July 25, 2005   by Canadian Underwriter

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Manitoba Public Insurance recently initiated an incentive program, promoting the Immobilizer a small computer connecting a car’s ignition system and acting as a safeguard against theft by preventing the engine from starting unless a code or key is used.
The incentive program in which, Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has guaranteed the price of $280 for the purchase and installation of the Immobilizer makes up an integral part of the provinces five-year plan to make 90% of Winnipeg vehicles “theft-proof.” The program also states that MPI will pay approximately half of the installation cost and decrease the Autopac premium by $40 annually.
However, according to a statement made to CTV News, “Winnipeg drivers are finding it difficult to get immobilizers installed” because there are only 15 trained technicians in the city.
Over the past eight years the immobilizer has proven effective, as car’s with immobilizers have yet to be stolen, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. For many new cars, the installation of an immobilizer is mandatory, so The Manitoba Public Insurance initiative is aimed solely at owners of older vehicles because immoblizer installation is mandatory for many new cars and by 2007, every new car in Canada will have an immobilizer.
Manitoba and the Maritimes represent the worst areas for car theft across Canada where, nationally, over 170,000 cars were stolen in 2004.

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