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Aviva Canada launches 3-in-1 product for claims and loss prevention

August 8, 2016   by Canadian Underwriter

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Aviva Canada has launched its Home Protect Bundle product, calling it the first of its kind insurance solution “to help Canadian homeowners prevent claims from reoccurring, repair damages before a claim occurs, and provide unlimited professional assistance.”

house protect - security conceptAvailable in Canada beginning this month, the 3-in-1 bundle can be easily added to an existing Aviva home of condominium policy, Aviva Canada said in a press release on Monday.

The Home Protect Bundle (Prevent, Fix, Assist) offers the following:

Claim Prevent: customers receive up to $2,500 to install an approved loss prevention device to prevent reoccurring claims. Examples of devices include: fire and suppression systems, security systems, sump pumps and more;

Home Repair Assure: provides professional services for minor repair needs, before they become major issues, “ideal for customers who value saving time and research”; and

Halo Assist: an added benefit to the bundle, Halo Assist is a “one-stop service” for customers seeking unlimited expert advice by telephone from qualified lawyers, health professionals and housing specialists for legal, health, home repair, real estate and mortgage assistance.

“The Home Protect Bundle is another industry first from Aviva to assist customers in proactively reducing and preventing claims,” said Steve Cohen, executive director of personal lines at Aviva Canada, in the release. “We are committed to creating innovative solutions that are cost effective and add value for consumers.”

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2 Comments » for Aviva Canada launches 3-in-1 product for claims and loss prevention
  1. Frank Cain says:

    As Lou Schizas, an equity analyist, among other attributes, and regularly on 640, indicates, the business of selling ranks high on the list of challenging commercial pursuits. Little wonder, then, that insurers, risk bearers of an intangible product and ever competing for the insurance dollar, see the need to put their best foot forward in establishing market products for the benefit of their policyholders.

    There really shouldn’t be a need to “sell” insurance as its importance should ring true with anyone anxious to protect business and/or personal treasuries. Its intangibility will always be its foe because unlike a table purchased at Leon’s, you have to accept it as a piece of paper. And once it’s filed away, its cost becomes an invisible spectre,
    and you have to wonder what it is you just spent a bunch of money on.

    If you have to “sell” insurance, it is because you have to make it real, not necessarily for what it will do for you, that’s a contractual undertaking, but more to give it form and substance, an embodiment of an object, than merely a legal promise of good faith, enriched duty of care and supreme service, all unencumbered, all undiluted and all uncompromised. But saying and doing it doesn’t give it shape. You create it. Not by a sales tactic, but by construction. You define insurance, you explain its benefits, challenges and pitfalls, and you connect the client’s risks to the ability of a piece of paper to allow transfer, when, where and how it is able to. If it’s not taking shape by this time, then go back and re-build the foundation.

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