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Bed bug insurance coverage now available

June 14, 2011   by Canadian Underwriter

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Bed bug insurance is now being offered to the at-risk market.
Aon Risk Solutions has aligned with Global Excess Partners and Terminix to provide a bed bug insurance solution for hotels, landlords, student housing, corporate business and leisure travellers.
The suite of products offers an integrated pest management approach. It combines insurance coverage with Terminix’s specialist bed bug elimination resources, delivering cost savings and greater budgetary certainty, while at the same time successfully treating and protecting premises.
The following benefits would be offered, subject to policy limits, terms and conditions:
• Insurance to cover the cost of bed bug elimination.
• Insurance to recover lost revenue resulting from taking rooms out of service during bed bug elimination.
• Dramatically reduced need to destroy room contents. In many situations, contents can be successfully treated rather than destroyed and replaced.
• A new, non-toxic elimination treatment that can return a room to service in five or fewer days.
• Discounted rates for mattress encasements and bed bug kits for greater peace of mind.
• Tips to prevent further outbreaks.
A call to determine whether this coverage was available in Canada had not been returned as of press time.

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6 Comments » for Bed bug insurance coverage now available
  1. Li says:

    Can I have a quote on bed bug insurance please?

    My property is in Ottawa.



  2. Bed bug insurance. ..llivr in rented
    Apt…low rentals and they don’t have funds to replace if I have a bed bug infestation. ….want to petectonic my new furniture
    How much will it cost 1 be broom apt….please help

  3. Nancy says:

    I wanted to know what can bed bug insurance cover..please contact me

  4. Cathy simpson says:

    Does the personal insurance company cover bed bug infestations on personal homes

  5. Christine says:

    I live in Victoria BC
    I have content insurance, does that mean I am automatically insured for bed bugs? Please help my building is crazy with bed bugs i just found out.

  6. John D says:

    Bed bug insurance in Canada would be long overdue, as individuals are currently not covered with home or apartment insurance to replace their belongings or the value of their most vulnerable possessions and collections no matter who’s at fault for bringing in the bed bugs. Everyone no matter how much money invested in their wardrobe or textiles, etc. just gets the standard speech “put everything in bags wash hot water cycle, long hot one hour dryer cycle”. No one seems to care this will totally destroy most fine clothing and fabrics and it’s assumed the individual won’t mind everything they own could now be garbage.

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