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Paid CAA Insurance is levelling the playing field.

May 15, 2023   by CAA Insurance Company

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At CAA Insurance, we’re committed to making things better. That means championing fairness in everything we do, and delivering unexpected value. There are countless examples of how we deliver this unexpected value for customers and for CAA Insurance brokers. One of those ways is when a customer buys one of our products, they can get the same price no matter which channel they buy through. This is fairer for customers and helps level the playing field for our brokers.

And that’s not the only way we support our broker partners. For years, CAA Insurance has supported the health and wellbeing of our broker partners through a variety of wellness resources, including literature, live sessions, webinars, and more. Last year we took our efforts to the next level by introducing the Jaunt Wellness program. Jaunt is a health and wellness platform designed for CAA Insurance brokers. The program allows people to track and manage, via an app or website, their wellbeing while participating in challenges and connecting with other brokers.

And CAA Insurance brokers have exclusive access to the Broker Marketing Academy (BMA). The BMA introduces you to tools that will help take your marketing to the next level, offers strategic advice to help you make decisions, and features expertise from leaders and industry experts. This includes online courses, and a live learning experience in which select attendees have the opportunity to collaborate with industry professionals.

Of course, we have found plenty of ways to deliver unexpected value for your customers as well.

That’s why we created CAA MyPace™ Canada’s only pay-as-you-go payment program. By allowing people to pay only for the distance they drive, CAA MyPace is a game-changer for low-mileage drivers. Available in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and Ontario.

Or consider Home Equipment Breakdown (HEB) coverage, an optional add-on to a customer’s CAA Home Insurance. It goes beyond the house’s physical structure to give people that extra peace of mind that if the water heater breaks down, or a power surge knocks the fridge out, they’re covered. Plus, an HEB claim doesn’t impact their property claims record.

When you partner with CAA Insurance, you get the benefit of working with one of the most trusted names in Canada. A company that keeps your customers happy, and one that treats you fairly.


If you’re interested in learning more about how we support our broker partners, or want to learn more about working with us, visit