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Chubb program aimed at increasingly dangerous world

February 23, 2004   by Canadian Underwriter

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A new homeowner’s policy from Chubb Insurance Co. of Canada may be a sign of increasingly dangerous times, covering rising crimes including child abduction, home invasion, car jacking and stalking.
In launching the program, Chubb cites Statistics Canada data suggesting 30% more break-ins and vehicles thefts per capita are being reported in Canada than in the U.S.
The coverage includes “expenses related to home invasion such as security upgrades and treating trauma, for costs resulting from child abduction, and expenses related to bodily injury, trauma, lost wages, insurance deductibles and rewards for car jacking, and for expenses to cover security measures related to stalking cases”.
Other national statistics cited by Chubb include a 5.1% rise in auto theft between 2000-2001, more than 280,000 incidents of break and enter in 2001, more than 190,000 report cases of stalking in 2000, and 67,000 missing children reported in 2001 (including 48 abductions by non-faily members/strangers).
“It [the coverage] provides further peace-of-mind for our clients in an increasingly turbulent world,” says Susan Vella, senior vice president of Chubb Canada’s personal insurance division.

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