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Executive Outlook 2022: Nick Creatura, CNA

December 15, 2021   by Canadian Underwriter Staff

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Nick Creatura, president & CEO, Canada, CNA

2021 has been a transformative year. While we are seeing some return to normal interpersonal interactions as COVID-19 abates, the accelerated digitization of client and partner interactions is likely to continue. The virtualization of work has set a new baseline which will continue beyond the pandemic. This crisis encouraged us to focus on what matters most – our insureds, broker partners and employees – using technology to maintain and enhance our relationships and improve outcomes.

This year also saw progress on the critical need to foster greater diversity, equity and inclusion in our workplaces. We understand the importance of fostering an organizational culture that celebrates individuals’ differences, attracts diverse talent and inspires a work environment that enables all employees to do their best work. We continue to practice allyship, from which we take away valuable lessons that help us drive actionable change. While we continue to learn about diversity and its importance toward enhancing innovation and performance, we also focus on equity and inclusion.

As CNA chairman & CEO Dino Robusto explains, “Diversity of talent enhances performance and is required for our industry to evolve. When you have this in an industry, then you can rest assured you will be valued for what you uniquely bring to the company and the broader industry.”

Not only is inclusion good for business, it’s simply the right thing to do. Success in 2022 will require that insurers continue to build on the positive developments within the digital space and to foster diverse and inclusive organizational cultures. These are two of the critical elements necessary to successfully manage the many headwinds facing the industry. We will also be well served, as ever, by a good measure of empathy, an unrelenting dedication to client service and partner collaboration, and a commitment to growth and development of our talent.

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