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InsureMy pilot program geared at shedding light on new driver performance, promoting coaching opportunities

January 27, 2016   by Canadian Underwriter

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Calgary-based InsureMy Ltd. is piloting its New Drivers Intelligence (NDI) program – expected to roll out across Alberta and Ontario in early 2016 – geared at exploring young driver performance and providing the information they and their parents need to improve driving skills.

Pilot program seeks to enhance young driver performance

With the NDI program, the full service insurance brokerage firm announced Tuesday it is looking to usher in a new era of road safety.

The program – said to offer greater visibility on new driver performance, road safety and increased feedback capabilities for driver improvement – will provide parents with access to real-time driving data, direct from their vehicles, allowing for greater coaching opportunities between parents and new drivers.

Using a simply installed plug-in telematics device, the NDI system will allow both parents and teens to track and monitor their driving behaviour, explains a statement from InsureMy. Collected information – relating to drive time, speed, braking, cornering and more – will provide parents with the resources necessary to coach young drivers when they are unable to be at their sides, but means drivers will also have “the independence they seek, building confidence and setting them up for a future of responsible driving,” the statement adds.

“Customers shouldn’t have to experience a claim to know that their insurance dollars are well spent,” InsureMy president Hugh McTavish says in the statement.

“In fact, it’s incumbent on our industry, in general, to take the kind of action we’re taking to effect positive change and promote safety for all drivers – it’s good for our customers,” McTavish adds.