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Manitoba Insurance Council re-examining supervision of Level 1 and Auto-only insurance agents

January 21, 2010   by Canadian Underwriter

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The General Insurance Council of Manitoba is currently examining its policy requiring on-site supervision of ‘Level 1’ and ‘Auto Only’ general insurance agents.
“Council acknowledges that in today’s technologically advanced environment, it is possible that ‘supervision,’ as required in accordance with the General Insurance Agent Licensing Rules, may be effectively accomplished in a variety of ways,” Council notes in its most recent Council Report.
“While newly licensed agents may require the physical presence of a Level 2 licensee at all times, those who have obtained an acceptable level of experience may professionally serve the public provided off-site supervision is constant, accessible and has the pre-approval of Council. Ultimately the designated representative is accountable to ensure adequate supervision is maintained at all times.”
The General Insurance Council of Manitoba has called for written comments on a potential change to the policy.
Written comments should be sent to and reference made to ‘Supervision of Auto Only and Level 1 General Agents.”
The existing policy, requiring the physical presence of a Level 2 or higher licensee to provide direct, on-site supervision of Level 1 or Autopac-only agents, remains in effect pending the consideration of stakeholder comments and the General Insurance Council deliberation and determination,” the regulator clarifies in its report.