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Nearly 80% of Canadians admit to “road rage” behaviour: survey

November 8, 2012   by Canadian Underwriter

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A strong majority of Canadian drivers admit to driving behaviour that could be deemed as road rage, according to a new survey from insurance comparison website

The poll, completed by Leger Marketing, suggests that 79% of Canadians admit to aggressive behaviour such as using profanity, yelling or following other vehicles too closely. Speeding was the most common reported aggressive behaviour.

Road rageAmong men, 83% admitted to such behaviour, while 76% of women admitted it. Younger drivers (between age 18 and 44) admitted to similar behaviour more than drivers older than 55.

Distracted drivers (such as those using mobile phones) were the most common trigger for road rage-like behaviour, according to the poll. Being cut off by other drivers, as well as tailgating behaviour also inspires road rage, although personal issues such as running behind schedule and having a bad day were also reported reasons for angry driving, the survey results suggest.

Women more commonly reported road rage behaviour from personal aspects, while men were more likely to become aggressive after being cut off.

Only 15% of men and 22% of women considered themselves to be drivers who don’t engage in any aggressive behaviour.

“I think it is fair to say that all of us, at some point in our daily travels, have encountered a form of road rage,” Janine White, vice president, marketplace for Kanetix noted.  “Our goal with this study was to gain a better understanding of what triggers the most common types of road rage so we can raise awareness of the issue and offer advice that will hopefully keep people calmer behind the wheel.”

The survey was conducted in August with Leger Marketing’s online panel, LegerWeb. The sample size was 1,423 Canadian drivers 18 and older.

Road rage infographic

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