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Ontario government to put brakes on street racing

August 16, 2007   by Canadian Underwriter

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The Ontario government has expanded its crackdown on street racing by increasing the maximum fine to $10,000 and widening the definition of the crime in an effort to curb dangerous driving.
The definition of a stunt will include driving at 50 km-h or more above the posted speed limit, a press release from the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services (MCSCS) says, adding that on average there are approximately 2,500 convictions a year for driving at this rate of speed.
According to the MCSCS, the risk of a fatality or serious injury is almost three times greater for vehicles crashing at 50 km-h or more above the posted limit on a highway with a posted limit of 100 km-h, and the risk is even higher on roads with lower posted limits.
The maximum fine for street racing or participating in a driving contest has been increased to $10,000 the highest street racing penalty in Canada and the minimum to $2,000.
The new regulation takes effect at the end of next month and also specifies how police will issue a seven-day drivers licence suspension and seven-day vehicle impoundment at roadside. For a second conviction, it also allows a court-ordered suspension of up to 10 years if the second conviction occurs within 10 years, the MCSCS statement says.