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P&C execs to discuss how COVID-19 has improved the P&C industry’s digital health

July 14, 2020   by David Gambrill

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When it comes to the Canadian P&C industry offering digital solutions to its customers during the COVID-19 pandemic, it seemed that the virtual landscape was a Brave New World just four months ago.

Digital mailboxes, videoconferencing, electronic pink slips and e-Signatures all emerged rapidly in a world dominated by the novel coronavirus, which caused about 85% of the Canadian P&C insurance industry to work remotely from home.

Many of these technologies existed before the pandemic, of course, but the reality of social distancing magnified the benefits of their use. And some industry executives say these technologies are helping the Canadian P&C industry build a foundation for more advanced digital services in the near future.

Where is the Canadian P&C industry headed on its digital journey? And how will the next stops on this journey better serve the industry’s clients in the pandemic-induced virtual world?

Canadian Underwriter will put these and other questions to a panel of Canadian P&C insurance industry executives in a webinar Thursday. How COVID-19 can improve your digital health, will air on Thursday, July 16 at 1 p.m. ET. There is no cost to register.

Joining us on the panel will be Lynne vonWistinghausen, head of operations and technology at Marsh Canada; Bryant Vernon, chief claims officer of Aviva Canada; and Ron Glozman, founder and CEO of Chisel AI.

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Our panellists will discuss the current lay of the land in digital services four months into the pandemic, and will look at areas of the digital landscape yet to be explored — for example, consumer self-serve digital solutions, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), and cloud-based services.

These solutions, as the panellists will discuss, are creating a foundation for more advanced and sophisticated digital offerings down the road. Panellists will predict which digital services will become dominant over the next two to five years, and talk about how they can help the industry serve consumers quickly and more efficiently.

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