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Q&A: Business Continuity in the Digital Age

May 27, 2020   by David Gambrill

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In an age of social distancing, contactless claims resolution is an important part of preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Canadian Underwriter has talked to those in the claims industry about how to do their jobs safely in the midst of the global pandemic. Some ways of doing contactless adjustments, home inspections and restoration were in the works before the pandemic — the use of drones, for example, or having a network of people available to take pictures of car damage and sending them to adjusters.

The question of how to adjust claims safely during a pandemic came up following the first episode of our webinar series in mid-April, COVID-19: Business Continuity in the Digital Age. Here’s how webinar panellist Steve Whitelaw, vice president of broker and industry partnerships at Applied, tackled the question.

Q&A with Steve Whitelaw (Mar. 27, 2020)

Q: How are claims being handled during the pandemic age, particularly claims that would normally be handled with an adjuster present?

A: It’s a great question with a very broad answer, Applied CSR24 allows an insured to take and submit claims photos. Consumers can already file a loss today; with the help of artificial intelligence, some of the ‘simpler’ claims are being managed remotely. More complex claims require an adjuster. However, providing consumers access to a self-service portal to file the initial first notice of loss and photos can greatly reduce friction in the process.


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