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Quebec minister decries high-powered cars

June 7, 2001   by Canadian Underwriter

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Quebec’s Transport Minister Guy Chevrette says auto manufacturers are creating a highway hazard by building more powerful engines in cars. At a news conference, Chevrette says that the federal government should step in to limit the power of car engines given that the maximum speed limit on Canadian highways is 100 kilometers per hour.
“We’re putting pressure on the federal government, which has jurisdiction over the matter,” he told the new conference.
Quebec figures suggest that speeding was a factor in 170 deaths and about 6,400 injuries on the province’s roads last year. These figures come from the province’s auto insurance board, which has publicly come out against automaker’s efforts to sell more and more high-powered vehicles. Marketing efforts by major car manufacturers send a negative message that promotes vehicles capable of breaking legal speed limits, insurance board head Jean-Yves Gagnon told the media.

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