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SGI CANADA issues warning over “mystery shopper” scam

March 28, 2016   by Canadian Underwriter

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SGI CANADA is warning consumers about a “mystery shopper” scam involving fraudulent cheques that appear to be issued by SGI CANADA.

Person Hands Signing ChequeTargeted individuals receive a letter from a third party claiming to be contracted by, and on behalf of SGI CANADA. The letter and cheque are mailed to the individual’s home address with instructions to deposit the cheque into a bank account and to verify deposit/personal information with the scammer, SGI CANADA said in a press release on Monday.

In these types of scams, there may also be follow-up instructions to keep a small amount as reimbursement, then wire the remainder to scammer, SGI CANADA warned. The cheque then bounces and the individual is then responsible to pay back that money to the bank, as well as wire transfer charges and bank fees.

SGI CANADA is not affiliated with this company and is not involved in a “mystery shopper” program. Anyone who receives similar correspondence is urged to contact their local law enforcement.

SGI offers its competitive property and casualty insurance products through SGI CANADA and its subsidiaries: SGI CANADA in Saskatchewan, SGI CANADA Insurance Services Ltd. in Alberta, Manitoba and British Columbia, and Coachman Insurance Company in Ontario. It sells its products exclusively through independent insurance brokers in all jurisdictions.


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1 Comment » for SGI CANADA issues warning over “mystery shopper” scam
  1. Aurora Vidad says:

    I think I just got scammed. I received a cheque for $1987.40 under London Insurance, April 26,2016 with a letter instructing to deposit the cheque to my bank then leave $400 as my payment and withdraw the balance.
    I’m a senior citizen and my pension is not due to come til next day, April 27 so the cheque will be on hold for 5 business days but I can withdraw the balance (1587.40) the next day when my pension is in the bank which is less than the amount I need to withdraw but was told by the young teller that I’m allowed $200 withdrawal if cheque is on hold
    so I did that the next day. But when I got the instruction to send the cash I got to same person in France by MoneyGram but in 2 different locations different amount but when I added it’s exactly the amount I withdrew. I started to worry and then I started to think that the emails I received from him usually has spelling errors but I was thinking it’s the auto-correct result sometimes that does it. But I still sent the money thinking it doesn’t belong to me so I have to follow the instructions.
    I applied through email I received from because I’m behind my rent and have loans to pay that I almost have nothing to live on every month and I thought this job is heaven- send but now I don’t know what to do. I feel so stupid.

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