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SGI cautions about potential toilet tank ruptures

February 10, 2011   by Canadian Underwriter

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A certain kind of toilet tank manufactured by Crane Plumbing Corporation is a potential flood threat for homeowners, SGI Canada has warned in its January 2011 issue of Insurance Matters.
SGI notes the low-profile toilet tank, manufactured between 1980 and 1991, could potentially rupture without warning, causing flooding in the home.
This particular type of toilet tank, the result of a particular production series, has given rise to a class action lawsuit in B.C., where the tanks were made, SGI says.
SGI is encouraging homeowners to replace the type of tank if they have it. To find out if the homeowner has this type of tank, SGI recommends removing the toilet tank lid.
“Inside the tank on the back wall, you will see an eight-digit serial number stamped into the porcelain of the tank,” the SGI Canada newsletter reads. “You may need a flashlight to see this. If the serial number begins with the letter ‘V’ and the third and fourth digits are 80 to 91 (year of manufacture) you may have a tank with a potential problem.”
In that case, says Rick Barks, assistant vice president of personal lines at SGI, “you should consider replacing it to protect against the possibility of damage to your home. Contact a licensed plumber for assistance if necessary.”
SGI notes insurers have been plagued by damage to homes caused by water leaks.
“In some cases, it costs more than $100,000 to repair the home and replace damaged belongings,” the insurer says. “Water damage often requires significant work by contractors to remove and replace gyproc, flooring, cupboards, etc. and may take a number of months to complete.”

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