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SGI to offer driver discount and new fines

April 25, 2002   by Canadian Underwriter

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Saskatchewan’s public insurer says it will offer a discount to drivers with good track records, and punish those with driving offenses, starting in July of this year.
Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) says the discount program will total about $16 million in discounts in its first year. Set to launch in July to follow the passage of the amended Automobile Insurance Act, the program should apply to about 2 out of 3 vehicle owners in the province, or 350,000 people. The discount will reach a limit of 7% for each driver.
A rating scale will be used, on which drivers will be graded based on their driving record since 1995. So far, SGI reports that an estimated 55% of drivers will receive discounts of 5% or more.
The program also includes fines for drivers with at-fault accidents, certain traffic convictions and traffic-related Criminal Code convictions, such as impaired driving. While drivers will not be fined based on past offenses, they will also not receive any discount when the program takes effect. New fines will be charged in place of driver’s license surcharges, and will be charged immediately.
“For a number of years, SGI customers have been asking for a discount on vehicle insurance, and we’re happy to be in a financial position to allow us to provide those discounts now,” says Crown Investments Corporation Minister Maynard Sonntag.
That is because last year the public insurer was able to erase its “auto fund” deficit. At one time, the deficit in the “rate stabilization reserve” had reached $127.9, but last year an $18.8 million surplus was achieved.

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