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Tiburon tops theft list again

November 6, 2002   by Canadian Underwriter

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The third time is definitely not a charm for the Hyundai Tiburon which has ranked as the most stolen vehicle in Canada for the third straight year, according to Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) data.
In its annual report “How Cars Measure Up”, the IBC reports that the Tiburon is followed by the Acura Integra and Honda Civic Si as the top three most often stolen vehicles of 2000-2001 models. In terms of theft costs per vehicle, the Tiburon ranks third behind the BMW X5 and the Integra.
However, the IBC is confident the Tiburon will fare much better in next year’s study, having met with Hyundai officials and learned that the 2003 model includes an IBC-approved anti-theft device.
The brochure is designed to help consumers understand how theft, collision and other claims costs affect their insurance premiums,” says Henning Norup, IBC’s vice president of information, research and analysis.
Vehicle theft costs insurers about $600 million each year. “Policyholders pay for the cost of theft through the comprehensive portion of their premiums. Although the comprehensive portion of insurance policies also covers losses other than theft, (such as hail and vandalism) half of the amount paid by insurers for comprehensive claims submitted for new vehicles is attributed to theft,” Norup adds.
The complete lists:
Top 10 – Most frequently stolen vehicles (2000 – 2001 models)
1. Hyundai Tiburon (two door)
2. Acura Integra (two door)
3. Honda Civic Si (two door)
4. Hyundai Accent (two door)
5. Volkswagen Golf GTI (two door)
6. Honda Civic (two door)
7. Honda Prelude (two door)
8. Dodge Dakota (four-wheel drive)
9. Dodge Dakota (two-wheel drive)
10. Dodge Ram 1500 (four-wheel drive)

Top 10 – Highest theft claim cost per vehicle (2000 – 2001 models)
1. BMW X5 (four door, all-wheel drive)
2. Acura Integra (two door)
3. Hyundai Tiburon (two door)
4. Honda Civic Si (two door)
5. Dodge Durango (four door, four-wheel drive)
6. Dodge Ram 2500 (four-wheel drive)
7. Dodge Ram 3500 (four-wheel drive)
8. Mercedes-Benz ML320 (four door, four-wheel drive)
9. Lexus RX300 (four door, four-wheel drive)
10. Dodge Ram 1500 (four-wheel drive)
10. GMC Yukon XL 1500 (four-door, four wheel drive)

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