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Tornado touchdown causes damage in midwestern Ontario

June 28, 2021   by The Canadian Press

Tornado near homes

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Environment Canada says that at least one tornado touched down late Saturday afternoon in midwestern Ontario.

Agency meteorologist Brian Owsiak says that reports from the ground, as well as radar signatures, confirmed that a twister hit just east of Chatsworth, Ont.

But he says a second one may have also touched down as a severe storm system moved through the region around 5 p.m.

Environment Canada had issued tornado warnings at the time, and soon after a number of pictures of menacing funnel clouds were posted on social media.

There are reports of some houses being damaged, as well as hydro poles and trees knocked down, making a number of roads impassable, however, there has been no word of any injuries.

Owsiak says he expected a team from the Northern Tornadoes Project would be on the ground soon to assess the damage.


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