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Transport Canada identifies brake safety issue with certain Ford F-150 models

November 7, 2016   by The Canadian Press

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OTTAWA – Transport Canada has identified a brake safety issue with certain Ford F-150 models and is deciding whether Ford of Canada will be ordered to issue a recall notice.

Transport Minister Marc Garneau said the government agency contacted Ford and is disappointed that the automaker disagrees with its assessment.

Ford said the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration investigated reports in the U.S. associated with the same safety issue and after analysis, which included purchasing and testing a vehicle, concluded that it remained controllable.

The NHTSA report, which closed April 28, stated that testing “demonstrated that, even when worst-case conditions were simulated, the vehicles could be stopped with moderate increases in brake pedal effort.”

Transport Canada said it has received more than 100 consumer complaints involving a failed electric vacuum pump in the power brake system of certain Ford models, which may result in an unexpected, longer stopping distance.

Following an investigation, the department determined that 2011 and 2012 F-150 trucks equipped with a 3.5L EcoBoost engine have a defect in the pump.

Minister Garneau said he will decide whether Ford will be ordered to issue a recall after further review.

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5 Comments » for Transport Canada identifies brake safety issue with certain Ford F-150 models
  1. oc says:

    Ford got some balls to say the safety risk is manageable after 100 consumer complaints. If there is a safety issue, it ought to be fixed. Transport Canada should issue a fine larger than the cost of the recall if Ford refuses to issue a recall.

  2. We operate an auto service shop in Alberta and see this failure all the time. It’s definitely a common issue. Right now the customers have to pay out of pocket for the repair if their warranty has expired, and the pump isn’t cheap.

  3. Rafael Frost says:

    Interesting article. I did not know about the problem with the brakes of the Ford. I bought a used Ford F150. He did not observe such problems. The only problem was when I broke the key in the ignition. I could not get it myself. So I turned to a specialized service “MatrixLocksmith” – They helped me extract a broken key. I have not seen other problems. Maybe this is the problem of new models. But without the reasons, the investigation did not start.

  4. idan ouzan says:

    good article. lol it happen to me too. ford have that problem often i called few different locksmiths but the only one that manage to help was the Auto Pro Locksmith – Dave came in the night to repair my car.

  5. I think all new models have problems. Nothing is being done correctly.

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