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Paid Trisura: A Values-based Approach

October 1, 2022   by Sara Ametrano

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Since its inception in 2006, Trisura has seen tremendous growth, not just in its product offerings, but also in terms of company size. With the first office headquartered in Toronto, the organization has branched out with locations across Canada, and most recently, in the U.S. as well. Why has Trisura seen such rapid growth? Human resources senior vice-president Cindy Grant attributes the success to the team.

“Our exceptional and dedicated staff make it happen,” Grant says. “As trusted advisors, with a commitment to top-quality service and a focus on providing solutions, they bring it every single day.”

Early on, Trisura attracted top talent with unique employee benefits (on top of traditional offerings). Not only has the organization solidified its reputation in the industry, but it has also built a winning culture for employees. Now, in addition to staff favourites (including a health and wellness subsidy program and time off for volunteer work), potential employees can look forward to being part of a dynamic, entrepreneurial team with a common goal of doing it better.

The team is made of innovators, builders, strategic thinkers and results-oriented folks. They’re driven, optimistic, eager to learn and do more. It’s a recipe that has worked for 16 years and ultimately, the reason why the company has continued to grow.

Trisura understands that professional growth has become one of the most sought-after benefits in today’s job market. At the open-concept office, there are no barriers, allowing for consistent exposure to, and dialogue with, industry specialists, so that those in the earlier stages of their careers can listen and learn from the best of the best. Whether employees have been in the workforce for years or they’re just starting out, everyone can collaborate and learn together.

“In this changing work landscape that we all find ourselves thrust into, our core values have remained the same,” Grant explains. “The teamwork, respect and integrity at Trisura are the reasons for our continued success.”

Although pay and health benefits continue to be important, employees are also looking for companies that prioritize less-tangible benefits, companies with ‘soul’ and companies where integrity, hard work and teamwork are valued and recognized. At Trisura, employees are empowered to make decisions and are encouraged to learn and continue to improve. There is a collective drive for success and passion in what they do, approaching every day with a desire to be a step above.