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Unica, Independent Broker Resources launch telematics for commercial auto insurance customers

March 3, 2015   by Canadian Underwriter

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Unica Insurance Inc. and Independent Broker Resources Inc. (IBRI) announced Tuesday that Unica is endorsing Fleetadvisor, a commercial auto insurance product announced by IBRI in January.

Unica Insurance, IBRI endorse fleetadvisorIBRI, a subsidiary of the Insurance Brokers Association of Ontario (IBAO), announced in 2013 a partnership with Quindell Portfolio Plc to offer insurance based on telematics technology. Telematics lets auto insurers provide usage-based insurance by monitoring driving behaviour such as mileage, speed, sudden acceleration and hard braking.

Fleetadvisor uses telematics technology provided by Quindell in commercial vehicles.

“With the fleet manager’s consent, both Unica and brokers will have viewing access to the drivers’ data,” IBRI and Unica said in a release Tuesday. “With this consent, effective immediately, fleets utilizing fleetadvisor are eligible to receive an additional 5% discount on their insurance premium through Unica’s Commercial fleet program.”

Mississauga, Ont.-based Unica is a subsidiary of La Capitale General Insurance of Quebec City.

Fleetadvior - Journey View

Another carrier that has committed to using IBRI and Quindell’s telematics offering is Aviva Canada. When Aviva announced its commitment in 2014, IBAO president Chris Floyd said at the time that the IBRI/Quindell product lets brokers interpret the risk profiles of their clients and advise them on the most appropriate insurance product for them. At the time, IBAO said Aviva had selected Quindell on an exclusive basis for the next five years.

When IBAO announced its partnership in 2013 with Quindell, the association said at the time that consumers would “truly own their own data and their privacy is protected.” At the time, Quindell said it had agreed to provide the technology for all the IBAO’s telematics initiatives to its membership base, on a exclusive basis for a minimum of five years.

For insurance companies, fleetadvisor is “a tool that will provide sophisticated data as a means to refine fleet rates,” stated Dave Smiley, vice president of operations at Unica, in a press release Tuesday. “Most importantly, for brokers, fleetadvisor is a tool that will enable them to solidify client/broker relationships by putting brokers in a position of a true fleet risk management advisor.”