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Vast majority of Canadian drivers admit to risky driving behaviours: Kanetix survey

November 23, 2011   by Canadian Underwriter

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Talking on a mobile phone or texting behind the wheel may be the most recent targets of legislative action in Canada, but plenty of other distractions exist for drivers – including eating and drinking behind the wheel, speeding and following too closely behind the car ahead of them.
“Our poll clearly indicates many motorists have no qualms with eating or drinking behind the wheel,” says’s marketplace director Janine White. “However, when drivers take their eyes off the road, even for a second, there can be serious consequences.”
In a Leger Marketing survey released by, Canadians admitted to one of 13 risky driving behaviours listed in the survey.
The survey was conducted with Leger Marketing’s online panel, LegerWeb, from Oct. 24-26. The sample size was 1,344 Canadian drivers 18 years of age and older.
Overall, eight out of 10 Canadian motorists admitted to engaging in at least one risky driving habit listed in the poll. Specific numbers are as follows:
•Consuming food or beverages while driving: 39%
•Speeding: 36%
•Talking/texting on my cell while driving: 18%
•Following too closely: 16%
•Road rage: 11%
•Failing to signal: 10%
•Weaving in and out of traffic: 7%
•Applying makeup while driving: 3%
•Parking illegally: 3%
•Parking in handicap spaces: 2%
•Driving in the carpool lane: 1%
Men in particular confessed to having a heavy foot on the gas pedal, with 41% of male respondents admitting to speeding. Ontarians may be the top speeders in the country, with 42% of the province’s drivers disclosing that they disobey the posted limit.
“Drivers should be mindful that most insurance companies will charge a 15% premium surcharge for only one ticket,” Kanetix noted.
The Ontario Provincial Police has reported following too closely as the leading cause of collisions.

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