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What’s new: In brief (August 03, 2004)

August 3, 2004   by Canadian Underwriter

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Pafco Insurance has commenced writing business as a stand-alone company in Ontario and New Brunswick as of Tuesday. The brand used to fall under the Pembridge mantle, but Pembridge CEO Bob Tisdale explains the separate Pafco licenses are intended to offer consumers more choice, specifically in offering alternatives to those in the Facility Association, the industry’s pool for high-risk drivers. Tisdale adds that a license is also being sought for Nova Scotia.

Belgium has suffered one of its worst industrial tragedies ever, with the explosion of a gas pipeline near Ath, in the industrial area of Ghislenghien, on July 30. At least 16 people died several of them firefighters responding to a leak in the pipeline reported 30 minutes before the blast – and 120 were injured in the explosion. The pipeline is run by Fluxys.

Guidelines for the new Alberta and B.C. privacy acts, and how they interact with federal privacy legislation have been made available to private sector organizations. The “question and answer” document can be found at

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