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What’s News: In brief

October 4, 2005   by Canadian Underwriter

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PPG Canada Inc., through CertifiedFirst Network sponsorship, is supporting the Holy Trinity Catholic High School in Simcoe, ON in the annual Baja 1000 Race. This will be the second consecutive year that PPG has, in support of the CertifiedFirst Network, funded students who will gain valuable real-world experience by building their own vehicle for the race. “We hope our involvement will help provide students the hands-on experience in a dynamic learning environment needed to enhance their employment skills and career opportunities in the future,” Keith Burns, manager Insurance Relations & CertifiedFirst Network for PPG Canada, says. The Baja 1000 is an off road race held in Mexico each November. The race, which begins in Ensenada, Mexico, will take place over four days and ends in the small town of La Paz, Mexico, 1,000 miles later. After the race to the finish line, a travelling pit crew will continue to promote skilled trades to high school students and professional tradeshows throughout Canada.

The Citadel is launching a new product designed to meet the specific needs of the computer software development industry . The new Coverage for Software Developers, offering solid errors and omissions coverage, is a highly customized product intended to meet and exceed the expectations of the software development industry. The new product has been created to address the unique needs of companies whose predominant activity is writing or modifying programs for computers and other electronic equipment. The Coverage for Software Developers offers a comprehensive insurance protection package for businesses that create anything from “off-the-shelf” software for retail sale – including desktop applications and games customized adaptations of “off-the-shelf” software, or original customized programs. “The stakes in technology errors and omissions liability claims are high,” Roger Keightley, vice president of commercial standard lines and reinsurance, says. “With litigation on the rise, and ever-larger damage awards being granted by the courts, it’s more crucial than ever to protect individuals and their businesses from allegations of negligent acts, errors or omissions.”

Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company is the newest member of Centre for Study of Insurance Operations (CSIO), which now has over 40 property casualty insurance company members who conduct business through the broker distribution channel. David Patrick, CSIO’s ceo, says that “with the proliferation of e-business solutions, CSIO’s continued development of XML Standards is more important than ever to support companies like Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company.” Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company, founded in 1887 by its policy holders in Drayton, ON, is represented by over 30 independent insurance brokers in Ontario. “Joining the CSIO membership allows our company to create greater efficiencies in the transfer of data with our Brokers, ultimately improving our Brokers’ ability to service the needs of our policy holders,” Alan Simpson, general manager of Peel Maryborough Mutual Insurance Company, says.

Women In Insurance Cancer Crusade (WICC) Ontario Chapter will host its eighth Annual “Breakfast for Breast Cancer” on Wednesday, November 2, 2005, at the Westin Harbour Castle hotel in Toronto. This year the breakfast looks at “Bringing Awareness to Prostate Cancer” and will feature the accomplished author, director, play-write and Canadian theatre actor Richard Ouzounian as guest speaker. Ouzounian will recount the story of his fight against prostate cancer and explain that education and awareness is “not just for husbands but, also for sons,” which is why WICC scheduled the breakfast on “Take Your Kids To Work Day.” WICC is encouraging industry professionals, to include their children “when registering, if they are participating in ‘Take Your Kids To Work Day.'” Annually, 20,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer, a statistic that prompted WICC to widen its mandate and contribute some of their fundraising efforts to prostate cancer research. WICC expects 500 guests to attend the breakfast. Tickets, only available at, are now on sale and individuals are encouraged to participate in the informative event that hopes to encourage the audience and their families, friends and colleagues to live healthier and better.