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Will a robot take your insurance job? Probably.

May 9, 2019   by Jason Contant

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Bored of the same-old, same-old? Why not sharpen your pencil and take that dream job as an actuary?

According to the Will Robots Take My Job? website, there is only a 21% chance that actuaries will be replaced by artificial intelligence and robots.

Automation risk level for an actuary? “No worries,” the U.K.-based website consoles. Actuaries show a projected growth of 18% by 2024. How about mathematicians? Is there a robot lurking in the background to take their jobs? Not likely, they’re “totally safe.” (a 5% chance of robot takeover.)

But career prospects are downright scary for insurance underwriters, with a 99% chance of being replaced by their shiny machine counterparts and a projected “growth” of -11% by 2024. “You are doomed,” screams the site.

Things are just slightly rosier for claims adjusters, examiners and investigators, who have a 98% chance of being replaced by AI or robots. On the bright side, projected growth is 3% by 2024. Auto damage insurance appraisers are also on the chopping block, with a 98% chance of being given the heave-ho.

Surely brokers, with their unique skill-set and ability to offer tailored advice to clients, can’t be replaced. Well, the good news is that brokers are not in as bad shape as underwriters, claims adjusters and damage appraisers: projected growth in five years’ time is 9%. But there is still a 92% chance that “insurance sales agents” will become a thing of the past.

If you haven’t run screaming for the hills with a fresh head of completely grey hair, you may be eyeing employment in another industry that serves the insurance industry through third parties. Maybe construction? There’s always a need for that. Maybe not – construction labourers have an 88% chance of automation. “Robots are watching,” cautions the website. Likewise for roofers at 90%.

Editors such as myself, on the other hand, are “totally safe,” with only a 6% chance of automation. But “proofreaders and copy markers,” one of the tasks of an editor, have a 84% chance of automation. While reporters and correspondents have no worries at 11%, robot eyes are closely watching court reporters, who have a coin-toss chance (50%) of being automated.

Need an excuse to yell at that teacher friend of yours? Elementary school teachers have only a 0.4% of automation. It’s a little bit riskier as a secondary school teacher, with a whopping 0.8% chance of being replaced by machines. For kindergarten teachers (except special education), there’s a 15% chance.

But teaching assistants? Robots are watching and circling in the background, with more than half (56%) chance of automation.

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3 Comments » for Will a robot take your insurance job? Probably.
  1. jen says:

    LOL, obviously whoever works on this website has no idea what kind of computer systems companies are using and how reluctant they are to upgrade due to cost, sheer volume of information they’d have to transfer. I’d bet there still isn’t one in Canada that’s bothered to find a way to issue their garage/ SPF4’s non manually.

    Barring auto, I think we’re good for at least another 10-15 years- the new generation of management are too busy running the empire into the ground listening to the actuaries and forcing hasty/reactionary decisions rather then listen to the front line underwriters who know the risk, product and what the market will bear. When they’re not making money, they’re not going to invest to make processing easier.

    That said, is there “underwriters” out there who are glorified paper pushers and collect that rare middle class salary they don’t deserve? YUP.

  2. Frank Cain says:

    Corporate name: Symple Robotics Technology:
    Supervisor name – Harry:
    Test series – Premium Quotation:
    Line run 65 – model 236 (code name ‘Zad’). Upgrade major: Test series number 210: Minor discrepancies noted – .03%; Time to completion, 30 seconds: Start:

    “Quoting 2030 Lexless e-coupe, all liability, all physical, all injury. Annual premium Z-dibbed, 10 year pay plan. Conditions include b-wassas and wobaja which is signed back to office for spuddoas for maj, maoj, mej miii…..Also….

    Observation tower: “OK Harry. Do what you gotta do – junk Zad. Let’s see if 237 can get this”.

  3. Entitled Millenial says:

    I for one welcome our robot overlords!

    Beep bop beep. 01011 01 110 10110.

    Gracious overlords,
    Please give me a livable wage job, or at least take my brother, the doctors job.

    Every holiday My parents say the same thing at family dinner: “you should have majored in computer science like your brother—instead, you thought you would take the easy way out and major in Graphic Design. How did you expect to make a living at that?

    (It doesn’t matter that at the time, it was considered an essential degree for web development. Parents think you should be able to see the future.)

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