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Expanding the Pollution Exclusion

November 30, 2015 Michael S. Teitelbaum, partner; and Yulia Pesin, associate, Hughes Amys LLP

A recent court case may broaden the application of the pollution exclusion in commercial liability coverage.

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Message from the President

November 30, 2015 Fred Plant, President, Canadian Independent Adjusters' Association

Ours is a noble profession and you should be proud of the important work you do everyday – delivering the product of the Property & Casualty Insurance Industry in Canada. One of the many benefits of being National President of

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La Plume du Prsident

November 30, 2015 Fred Plant, president, ACEI

Notre profession est une profession noble; vous devriez être fiers du travail important que vous accomplissez chaque jour, c’est-à-dire d’offrir le produit du secteur de l’assurance de dommages au Canada. L’un des nombreux avantages d’être président national de l’Association canadienne

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Cyber Challenges

November 30, 2015 Anne Juntunen, associate, Halfnight McKinlay

What recent American developments reveal about the potential future of cyber liability in Canada.

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Liability Notice

November 30, 2015 Todd Davies, partner; and Scott Harcus, associate, Alexander Holburn Beaudin LLP

In Lloyd’s Underwriters v. Blue Mountain Log Sales Ltd., a B.C. court wrestled with the issue of pre-tender defense costs.

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Absolute Commitment

November 30, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan’s Keith Wright runs Absolute Claims Adjusters – a firm that believes in the value of small town service.

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The Measure of Adjusting

November 30, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

Insurance company claims departments are using a wide range of metrics to measure adjusting efficiency, such as shelf life, cycle time and service indexes. Independent adjusters are accustomed to being accountable for their work, time and professional expertise through ongoing measurements. But are these key performance indicators relevant to all aspects of the claims handling process? Are the metrics truly effective at improving claim resolution? And how can adjusters and claims managers agree on the measurements that matter most?

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Ontario Auto Evolution

November 30, 2015 Daniel Strigberger, partner, Samis & Company

Upcoming changes to the province’s auto insurance system will come into effect June 2016 – what adjusters need to know.

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Share and Share Alike

September 30, 2015 Insurance Institute of Canada

Peer-to-peer technologies are allowing individuals to offer rides in their cars to people for a fee, and to rent their houses to strangers. For adjusters, claims arising out of these new shared economies are anything but simple.

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What is this Thing?

September 30, 2015 Craig Harris, Freelance Writer

The Internet of Things has the potential to blend connectivity with insurance claims. Think of it as a bridge between the old economy of bricks, mortar and physical objects and the new economy of mobile devices, data networks and analytic engines. It’s estimated that billions of “things” will be linked to the Internet within the next five years through sensors located in cars, homes and businesses. How will this connected world affect loss adjusters, insurance companies and the entire claims management process?

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Reducing Loss through Restoration

September 30, 2015 Danny Fung, President & Senior Technical Consultant, Newtron Group

A look at equipment restoration and its effects on commercial claims across Canada.

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Getting the Lead Out

September 30, 2015 Heather A. Sanderson, principal, Sanderson Law

What are the implications of lead paint liability for Canadian insurance coverage?