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Up in the Air

April 8, 2018 Sean Tindale, Lawyer, Partner, Hughes Amys LLP

Your client’s liability for negligent drone use is a gray area. Here’s what insurers should consider when assessing the civil liability of drone operators.

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Drone collisions on radar of risk managers

February 15, 2018 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

A recent collision between a passenger plane and a drone has prompted Canada’s airplane accident investigation agency to warn of the risk of flying drones near airports. “The use of drones near an aerodrome or within controlled airspace poses a

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When drone damage could trigger a home insurance claim

February 8, 2018 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

When consumers fly unmanned aerial vehicles as a hobby, will their home insurance policies cover them for any lawsuits arising from property damage or personal injury caused by the drones? For the most part, aircraft is excluded in the wording

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How lawsuits arising from stolen vehicles could affect drone claims

February 7, 2018 Greg Meckbach, Associate Editor

Liability risk for operators of unmanned aerial vehicles (commonly known as drones) will be affected by past court rulings concerning parked vehicles, a lawyer suggested Tuesday during a claims conference. And based on precedents set in the vehicle cases, it

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Catastrophe event? Where’s the company drone?

January 12, 2018 by David Gambrill

Using drone technology to process high volumes of claims during catastrophe events is one of several ways the claims process may become automated in the future, RSA Canada reports. “Drone-type technology (satellite and remote camera technologies) will enable us to

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Insurtech startup releases commercial drone package for property insurance inspections and claims

November 9, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

Insurtech startup Betterview, a service provider for capturing and analyzing data from drones, has announced a commercial drone inspection package for insurers. The pre-assembled package, which is available in Canada, includes a DJI drone, software and training to “provide and

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Plane suffered minor damage after hitting drone near Quebec City

October 17, 2017 The Canadian Press (CPSTF)

QUEBEC – A collision between a commercial aircraft and a drone near Quebec City’s airport last week highlights the potential danger posed by unmanned aerial vehicles, authorities and aircraft experts said Sunday. Transport Minister Marc Garneau said he was “extremely

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Global drone-powered solutions market for power and utilities worth as much as US$9.46 billion a year: PwC

October 13, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

The global market in drone-powered solutions for the power and utilities industries is worth as much as US$9.46 billion a year, PwC estimated in a new report. Clarity from above: Leveraging drone technologies to secure utilities systems, released on Thursday,

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U.S. company launches cloud for insurance, brings drone platform to p&c sector

June 22, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

California-based Kespry is moving deeper into vertical markets with its formal entry into the insurance sector south of the border. The move follows extensive field tests and insurance-specific improvements designed together with customers and industry leaders, reports the aerial intelligence

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Transport Canada launches drone safety initiatives, including online incident-reporting tool

December 21, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Transport Canada announced on Wednesday that it has launched a number of initiatives aimed at drone safety, including a “new incident-reporting tool to keep Canadians safe from reckless drone use.” Kate Young, Member of Parliament for London West and parliamentary

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Copycat terrorists could use drones to attack planes, intelligence report warns

December 5, 2016 Jim Bronskill - THE CANADIAN PRESS

OTTAWA – Publicity about near-misses between drones and passenger aircraft might give terrorists ideas about how to take down a plane, a federal intelligence report warns. The Transport Canada report obtained by The Canadian Press also suggests small unmanned aerial

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Investigators can’t identify object that caused Porter plane’s evasive moves

November 25, 2016 The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Federal transportation investigators say they are unable to identify an airborne object that caused a Toronto-bound plane to take evasive manoeuvres that left two flight attendants with minor injuries. A Porter Airlines flight en route from Ottawa to