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5 steps to negotiate a hybrid work schedule

January 19, 2024 by Jason Contant

Given the uptick in return-to-office mandates since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important for you to advocate for yourself as an employee who wants hybrid work, but also understand the needs of your employer if you face resistance,

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4 ways to make return-to-work a success 

October 3, 2023 by Jason Contant

Trying to figure out how best to get your employees back to the office? Instead of issuing blanket return-to-office policies, managers should co-create ways of working with their teams, said a blog from Harvard Business Review.  Companies continue to struggle

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4 reasons why remote work is here to stay 

September 7, 2023 by Jason Contant

Executives expect both hybrid and fully remote work to keep increasing over the next five years, a new survey has found.  Many CEOs are publicly gearing up for yet another return-to-office push, but privately they’re expecting hybrid and fully remote

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How to know what customers want out of their digital experience

March 9, 2023 by Alyssa DiSabatino

There are two main challenges that businesses encounter when improving their digital customer engagement.  On the one hand, businesses are increasingly challenged by the assumption that all customers are the same. On the other hand, many businesses are tripping up

Talent magnet: Attracting the best people
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Try these innovative approaches to attract talent

January 17, 2023 by Jason Contant

Canada’s P&C insurance industry has been in the middle of the war for talent for a while now, so it would be well-served to take a look at some under-used or innovative approaches to hire and retain talent, as suggested

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Three questions to consider when preparing for the next M&A wave

September 29, 2022 by Alyssa DiSabatino

Startups looking to ride the upcoming M&A wave need to hold a mirror up to their businesses and see themselves through the eyes of a potential acquirer, said the author of a recent Harvard Business Review blog.   And insurance

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How much time you waste toggling between applications

August 31, 2022 by Alyssa DiSabatino

As insurance becomes increasingly digitized, brokers and other professionals may feel as if they’re spending more time toggling between apps and websites than they are doing their jobs, but there may be a better way to spend the workday, according

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The ‘Triple A’s’ to successfully navigate your company through the pandemic

September 7, 2021 by Jason Contant

The ‘Triple As’ of strategic agility — avoid, absorb and accelerate — are distinct ways that successful companies navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a recent blog from Harvard Business Review. Companies such as Airbnb that not just survived by

Hybrid office design
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4 design concepts for the new hybrid office

July 22, 2021 by Jason Contant

In planning their future hybrid offices, Canadian insurance industry employers will need to carefully consider office design approaches, a blog published Thursday by Harvard Business Review advises. “By all indications, the future of work is hybrid,” wrote Jim Keane and

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People analytics: How you can use employee data for internal hires

May 19, 2021 by Jason Contant

When acquiring talent, organizations should consider using employee data to glean insights into the best internal hires for their teams, one tech vendor suggests. There has been some debate within the Canadian P&C industry about whether to look outside the

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6 tips for growing your sales team

May 3, 2021 by Jason Contant

Growing your sales team involves a variety of tactics — including protecting your strengths (strong salespeople and existing customers) — and avoiding the “first-year turnover problem,” says a new blog from Harvard Business Review.  Organizations need to be purposeful about

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3 pieces of advice before selling your brokerage

March 29, 2021 by Jason Contant

Highlighting which areas of your brokerage can run without you is a crucial exercise for any broker principals who want the sale of their brokerage to be a happy and fulfilling event, according to information adapted from a recent Harvard