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Manitoba Public Insurance and RCMP partner to promote gravel road safety

August 28, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has announced a partnership with the RCMP for a joint public awareness and enforcement campaign specific to gravel roads in the province. The campaign, which began in April and is continuing into the fall, aims to

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88 tickets issued to new Saskatchewan drivers, motorcyclists in June: SGI

July 24, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

Law enforcement officers across Saskatchewan issued 88 tickets to new drivers and motorcyclists who weren’t following the requirements outlined on their licences, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) reported on Monday. The results from last month’s traffic safety spotlight on new drivers

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Saskatchewan police report more than 320 impaired driving offences in May traffic safety spotlight

June 22, 2017 by Canadian Underwriter

During the same month it released its awareness campaign on impaired driving, Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) has reported 324 impaired-driving related offences during May’s traffic safety spotlight – “another reminder of why such campaigns are needed.” Last month, police reported

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74 tickets issued in June to new Saskatchewan drivers not following licence restrictions

July 24, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) reported on Friday that June’s province-wide traffic safety spotlight resulted in law enforcement issuing 74 tickets to new drivers and new motorcycle riders not following the restrictions outlined on their learner or novice licence. SGI said

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SGI and Saskatchewan police to focus on new drivers in June

June 2, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI), the province’s self-sustaining auto insurance fund, and provincial police will be focusing on new drivers during the month of June. SGI said in a statement issued Thursday that new drivers – considered to be young drivers