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What insurers pay to repair EVs

September 11, 2023 by David Gambrill

Although electric vehicles in Canada cost an average of $1,328 more to repair than vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE), EVs are less likely to be written off as a total loss, says a Mitchell report. The cost of the

Injured person following an e-scooter accident
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How potholes lead to serious brain injuries for e-scooter riders

September 8, 2023 Brittany Sinclair, B.Sc., P.Eng. 30 Forensic Engineering

Editor’s note: This is the second of a two-part series on the biomechanics of rider falls from e-scooters. Part 1 appeared Aug. 25.   Road safety is directly linked to maintenance standards. In Ottawa, the city’s recommended maintenance quality standard

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What carriers are offering auto customers seeking lower premiums

September 1, 2023 Philip Porado

Car thefts are way up in Canada and that’s got the attention of property and casualty (P&C) insurers. Thefts have risen particularly fast in the greater Toronto area, Montreal and some other parts of Quebec, noted Paul Gilbody, SVP operations

Solid State Battery for EV Electric Vehicle, new research and development batteries with solid electrolyte energy storage for automotive car industry
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Risks of EV battery repair

August 23, 2023 by David Gambrill

Canadian Collision repair shops and their insurance partners should be investing in training and education to safely repair defective or damaged electrical vehicle (EV) batteries over the next three to five years, attendees heard at Collision Repair magazine’s EV Repair

Comparing which car type to rent on a tablet.
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Digital-first firms partner on car-share coverage

August 17, 2023 Canadian Underwriter Staff

Digital auto and home insurance provider Onlia has partnered with car-subscription service Roam to provide its Ontario customers with personalized rates and a faster checkout when picking up cars. In addition to vehicles, Roam’s pay-as-you-go subscriber plan members are provided

Car wrecked by a tornado.
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What’s trending in auto loss combined ratios

August 16, 2023 Philip Porado

Some Canadian auto insurers may be experiencing fewer losses than their U.S. counterparts, a new report from ratings agency Fitch suggested. A mid-year review of U.S. personal auto segment results, based on filings for nine public company insurers that report

Car thief in action late at night, wearing a black mask on his head
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Insurer introduces new auto rating variable for oft-stolen cars

July 20, 2023 by David Gambrill

With Canada’s property and casualty industry facing a record number of auto theft claims, insurers have introduced a variety of incentives and disincentives to encourage drivers to take theft-prevention measures — and now it’s showing up in a new ‘High

Distracted driver about to have a car accident
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What’s to blame for distracted driving trends?

July 14, 2023 Philip Porado

Brokers hear lots of stories about minor fender-benders that don’t lead to injuries. And some could even be seen as amusing – if they weren’t linked to financial losses for insurers. “We had an incident where someone was trying to

Smaller accidents are increasingly likely to lead to cars being totalled out.
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Why auto insurers are more likely to declare cars totalled

July 7, 2023 Philip Porado

Is that car worth repairing? Given ongoing supply chain disruption and high inflation rates, the answer for insurers may increasingly be ‘no.’ “We see significant increases in rental costs,” said Kumar Siva, senior vice president for third party administration services

Girl after shopping discovered the loss of her automobile. Angry woman talking about missing car on phone. Vehicle theft concept
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Auto insurers pay out record amount for auto theft

June 8, 2023 by David Gambrill

Supply chain issues are creating a hot domestic market for stolen vehicles, which in 2022 cost Canadian property and casualty auto insurers more than an estimated $1 billion — the most the industry has ever paid for auto theft in

Two people riding on an ATV through the snow
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ATV roll-over decision could help insureds who are denied coverage

March 23, 2023 Philip Porado

Recent granting of a plaintiff’s motion for summary judgement against an insurer in an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) overturn accident may make it easier for auto insurance policyholders to access their coverage. Ultimately, the decision may be of future benefit to

Driver sleeping in self-driving car
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When will self-driving tech consistently prevent crashes?

February 17, 2023 Harrison Griffiths and Hannah Van Staveren

One aim of autonomous driving technology is to take the human element out of the driving ecosystem with an eye toward preventing collisions. But right now, autonomous driving technology can’t guarantee it will detect and react to road hazards earlier