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Red River, MB flood in 2011
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Flood fears ease in Manitoba amid good weather and slow melt, officials say

March 28, 2022 The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG – Fears of spring flooding are easing in Manitoba, thanks to recent weather. A winter of heavy snowfall had initially raised worries across much of the province. But two weeks of slow melting – above-zero temperatures during the day

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This province could see major spring flooding

March 1, 2019 by Jason Contant

Ten years after serious flooding in much of the southern part of Manitoba, there is again a high risk of major spring flooding in the province’s Red River Valley region. “Early forecasting data shows that we expect to see major

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Red River crests in Winnipeg, flood watch issued west of the Manitoba capital

April 6, 2017 The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG – Manitoba flood officials say the Red River has crested in the provincial capital but water levels remain high in other parts of the province. The latest flood bulletin says the Red River reached its peak Tuesday but water

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Red River Basin Commission warns of flood season this year in Manitoba

January 24, 2017 The Canadian Press

WINNIPEG – The Red River Basin Commission is warning Manitobans living along the Red River to prepare for a flood season. Manitoba RRBC director Steve Strang says while there is a good possibility of flooding, it is hard to predict

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Chance of “moderate to major flooding” in some locations in Manitoba, report says

December 13, 2016 by Canadian Underwriter

There is a chance of “moderate to major flooding” in some locations in Manitoba, according to the 2016 Fall Conditions Report from Manitoba Infrastructure. The report, released on Tuesday, indicates high levels of soil moisture at freeze-up in the western